Day 168

Prompt: Write about a conversation you’ve overheard.   "It's like he doesn't even know what email is." Being in IT has its perks, one of them being that people make a few assumptions about me: 1. They can tell me about any IT problem and I'll be able to fix it right away 2. I …

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Day 167

Prompt: on storytelling.   The first rule of teaching is to know your subject, but the lesser-known, unwritten second rule is to tell stories. It seems almost counterintuitive: spend your precious in-class time on stories instead of content. However, psychology studies have shown that people are more likely to remember concepts introduced through story-telling. Which sounds …

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Day 70

Prompt: The sound of silence.   The cafe is quiet, empty in the early hours of the morning. A barista sits on her phone, scrolling through her Facebook feed, lightly tapping a nail on the counter. I lean back for a moment, stretching, wincing at the pops from my joints. That's probably not a good …

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