Day 121

Prompt: teaching.   I shake off the cold, brushing snow from my jacket before unlocking the classroom. It's cold inside, the heat not yet turned on for the school. Saves them money to keep it cold at night. The handle to my office makes me want to put my gloves back on, the small room …

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Day 119

Prompt: teaching. I figure I'll do a "life in the day of" type of post.   The school looms ahead of me in the fog, the weather mirroring my mind as I shake the last vestiges of sleep from it. Anxiety kept me up late, later than I should ever be up, squeezing in a …

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Day 112

I'm preparing for a certification today, so forgive the extra short post. Prompt: a character that makes work/school/neighborhood/etc interesting.   It must be 7:30. I know this because the door to my classroom just slammed open. "WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" Jason exclaims, slouching into one of the chairs. "You're not going to die from …

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