Day 142

Prompt: game or competition. Continued from Day 141.   It's a pensive two minutes before I see the creature. It's bipedal to a degree, hunched over with light green skin that seems to shift and change as it moves. I slip noiselessly deeper into the cave, my eyes never leaving the creature. The thing sniffs the …

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Day 141

Prompt: games or competition. Continued from Day 139.   I keep moving, slipping through the forest. Something is coming, that much is certain. What is coming... that's a whole other question. I find water with 12 minutes still on the clock, working quickly to fill my canteen. There are a few edible plants that I …

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Day 39

New prompt for the week! This one is begging for sci-fi and horror, so I am starting off the week by going rogue and continuing Day 32. Prompt: Write an entry inspired by what you can't see.   Markus and I leave Julia behind, watching as she shuts down the power and locks herself in. I hope …

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