Day 120

Continuing my post from yesterday.   After the last bell, "physics club" meets. It's an unofficial gathering of a few students that need a place to hang out while their rides navigate the heavy traffic around the school. Today, we talk about a new Catholic holiday called "Lint Day" where instead of palms around your …

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Day 119

Prompt: teaching. I figure I'll do a "life in the day of" type of post.   The school looms ahead of me in the fog, the weather mirroring my mind as I shake the last vestiges of sleep from it. Anxiety kept me up late, later than I should ever be up, squeezing in a …

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Day 84

This is a continuation of Day 83. Prompt: Nothing changes or nothing had changed (open ended).   We lapse into silence, each working on homework, Alex playing background music from his laptop. It's a comfortable silence between us after the last year as coworkers, broken only when the accelerator readout indicates samples are ready to be …

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