Day 210

I promise to get back into regular writing soon! I'm mid-overhaul on my 5th edition D&D character creator (yeeeeesh) and will hopefully finish up in the next couple days, after which you'll get an update from the end of Ch 1 of the campaign. In the meantime, I gave a speech today about descriptive storytelling …

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Day 183

D&D Update Part 2 (part 1)!   The party heads to The Cracked Hull, a familiar tiefling leaning near the door. He nods to the party in recognition, turning his head back to the road. Inside, the bar is crowded, hosts of dock workers and laborers laughing over pints of ale. They squeeze their way …

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Day 153

Last D&D Update! Parts One, Two, & Three.   The town of Colkirk is small, a few blinking lights as they approach it near nightfall. The trio camps outside for the first part of the night, Cyrus begrudgingly agreeing to stand watch. Elzeni, plagued by the same vision as the previous night, wakes halfway through …

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