Day 258

“Go over it again.” Travis sighs. “We’ve been through this. I stole data; they want me dead.” “That’s the part I’m not getting. Why kill you? They can’t destroy the face of the company without losing billions.” “They probably have a clone ready to take my place. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d been planning …

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Day 255

We come up in a dingy alley across the channel, sweating bullets with aching calves. Sig checks his comp and nods, leaning against the grimy wall while catching his breath. “Should be just around the corner. Dyl?” I nod and take a deep breath, cracking my neck and loosening up in case of a fight. …

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Day 247

"Bullshit. I killed Dalton." Sig looks at me, confusion spreading across his face. "When? Also, why?" "He was the first contract I got from the mysterious Mr. Black. Didn't know it was him at the time. Sliced his throat in a cheap motel." Sig swears and looks down at the picture. "You sure it was …

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