Day 184

D&D Update Part 3 (part 1 part 2)!


As the door closes behind Elzeni and Gantar, they look forward, the cave opening up into a cavern about 20 feet high. A red carpet is splayed before them, a grand walkway up to an obsidian altar. On either side of the carpet are resting iron maidens. A robed cultist waits in front of the altar to greet the newcomers.

“Welcome,” the figure says as they approach. “Your future awaits. Before moving further into our sanctum, please show your dedication.”

He hands them each a piece of jerky, indicating they must eat.

“What is this?” Elzeni asks, sniffing the morsel.

“It is the first step in your journey, acolyte.”

Suspicious, Elzeni lets the jerky slip from her hand. The greeter removes his hood slowly, revealing a bald, scarred head marred with what look to be demonic symbols. He reaches into his robes as she bends to pick up the jerky.

“I don’t think you are in line with our ideals,” the man says, pulling out a dagger.

He swipes at Elzeni, cutting into her shoulder. Gantar jumps in, helping Elzeni fend off the angry cultist. As they struggle, the two guards by the door run forward, drawing their weapons. Just before they reach the pair, the wall behind them cracks open, revealing what appears to be a very angry Kek and Bellatrix. The rest of the party comes rushing in, mangled bodies of the outside guards visible through the wide hole in the wall they just made.

As they run down the carpet, six of the iron maidens creak open, revealing bloodied cultists wielding daggers like that of the greeter. They run at the party, creating bloody havoc in the greeting chamber. The party begins cutting down the cultists, Kek flying forward in a rage while Bellatrix shifts and transforms into a cavebear, charging at the nearest cultist.

The tide of battle turns, the party steadily advancing toward Gantar and Elzeni. As they draw near, two more guards burst through the doors behind the altar, drawing their weapons and running in. It’s a long and bloody fight, Elzeni using the healing power of Bahamut to keep anyone from falling unconscious. As the last guard falls dead, they pause, the dripping of blood from weapons echoing in the large chamber. They wait, hoping no one in the inner chambers heard the commotion, holding their breath as they prepare to advance.


Wish them luck tonight!


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