Day 183

D&D Update Part 2 (part 1)!


The party heads to The Cracked Hull, a familiar tiefling leaning near the door. He nods to the party in recognition, turning his head back to the road. Inside, the bar is crowded, hosts of dock workers and laborers laughing over pints of ale. They squeeze their way to the bar, doing a double-take as Cyrus greets them.

“Well, hello heroes! What brings you to this underbelly of the world?”

“Cyrus, why are you behind the counter?” Gantar asks.

“I’m working, Gantar. Isn’t that obvious? You should try it sometime.”

Elzeni snorts, Cyrus peering past her at Bellatrix and Kek. “Made some new friends? What will you be having?”

They order a round, telling Cyrus they’re looking for information. He nods, pouring them drinks and whispering something in Thom’s ear. After a minute, Thom comes over, leaning one hand on the bar.

“Always like to see return customers. What are you looking for?”

Elzeni shows him the symbol. “The Cult of Ascension. They’ve kidnapped a friend of ours.”

“Might be able to help, for a price.”

“You’d be saving lives!” Gantar tells him, hoping to get a discount.

“No guarantee your friend is still breathing, lad. You’ve bought information before, so I’ll give you a fair price. 20 gold and I’ll give you their recruiter.”

Elzeni nods, sliding the money onto the bar.

Thom smiles, whisking the coins away before leaning in. “Head down by the docks, the slummier side of town. Look for a lady selling flowers, brown hair, human. Goes by Salthiel.”


“She’s a plain sort of woman. Look, lads, I’d use some discretion. The people she represents ain’t shy about killing.”

The party thanks him, finishing their drinks and heading to the docks. They find the woman, older, a bouquet of wilting carnations in her arms. Elzeni approaches her, buying a flower and probing for information. After some help from Gantar, they manage to convince her they’d like to join the cult. She agrees, telling them to meet her here at midnight.

They pass the time with a drink, dozing a little before heading to their meetup. Bellatrix gives Elzeni a piece of paper with a series of druid symbols written on it.

“Drop these for us to follow,” she says, wishing her fellow dwarf luck.

Elzeni and Gantar meet Salthiel at midnight. She greets them, beckoning the two towards the water. She ushers them into a small boat, Elzeni casually dropping one of the druid symbols on the dock as she climbs in.

With a bit of luck, the rest of the party manages to find the outline of the small boat in the water, following it discreetly from the shore. Salthiel sails for about an hour before steering into a small cove with a shoddy dock. On the beach, they see a campfire with three hooded figures sitting around it. One of them comes to the end of the dock, his garb suggesting something like a smuggler.

“New recruits?”

“Aye,” Salthiel tells him, tying off the boat.

“You know the way.”

The man returns to the fire, leaving the pair to follow Salthiel to the entrance of a cave. The rest of the party watches from the treeline as Elzeni and Gantar following Salthiel. Inside the cave, they see what looks to be a smuggler’s hoard: crates and shelves of grains, drink, and books, items potentially meant for the city of Tereod. Salthiel walks to the back of the cave, easily lifting and moving three empty barrels out of the way before placing her hand on the smooth stone wall. The stone glows for a moment before sliding to the side, revealing ahead what looks to be a long entrance hall.

“Your future awaits,” she says, inclining her head and motioning them through. Elzeni manages to drop another druid mark before crossing the threshold, the stone sliding back into place behind her…


Last part of the update coming tomorrow 🙂


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