Day 166

D&D Update Part 2 (part 1)!


“You’re taking us to this dimension?” Elzeni asks Kymil.

“Yes. I don’t believe we’ve ever been formally introduced. I am Kymil,” he says with a small bow. “If you are ready to depart…”

Kymil leads them through the back into the kitchen. There is a strange, metal door that he opens carefully. A blue light emanates from the door, the same light as from the portal Veltis opened back at Caedmon’s tower.

“I’ll leave this door unlocked til you return. Here are some provisions for the trip. Nothing fancy, just some dried meats, cheese, and fruit. Stay safe.”

They step through the portal, a deafening whoosh surrounding them as they emerge in what appears to be a hallway. The floor is made of a strange pink stone not even Elzeni recognizes. There are two doors on the left, one door on the right, and a door at the far end of the hallway.

Taking their chances, the group opens the first door on the left, revealing a room lined with shelves of strange artifacts. Looking closely (but not touching), the artifacts are of bizarre origin, mostly made of shiny metal. A large device glows light blue pulses in the back of the room. Elzeni approaches it carefully. As she grows close to it, she begins to feel sick, nausea sweeping through her as she breaks out into a sweat. She steps back quickly, warning the others not to approach the strange device.

They proceed to the second door on the left, a blast of cold air hitting them as they walk through the doorway. Inside, frozen meats hang on hooks and are stacked on shelves, a strange collection indeed. There are a few empty racks, indicating either consumed or stolen meat.

As they step back into the hallway, Constance and Gantar notice that the door at the end of the hallway seems to be moving slightly as if affected by a breeze. They decide to save that one for last, investigating the door on the right. Inside, they find shelves of dried fruits, meats, and strange packages of food. There are barrels and sacks of grain, yeast cultures, and what look to be general brewing ingredients. Here, several crates and sacks seem to be missing, as well as a host of the dried meats and fruits.

They step back into the hallway, investigating the last door. Looking closely, they see that its lock has been broken from the outside. The door opens to reveal what appears to be a large forest. Stepping outside, they see that this storage “room” is actually a complete building in the middle of a clearing. The sky is bright, no clouds and, oddly enough, no sun that they can see.

Looking around, they see what looks to be a dirt path leading deeper into the forest. They follow the path carefully for about 20 minutes before it opens up into a clearing, revealing what looks to be a large camp.

In the center of the camp is a large fire with two goblins standing near it. As the party approaches, one of the goblins yells out a warning, pulling his shortbow and firing at Constance.

As the party rushes into battle, goblins and orcs start running into the camp. It’s a bloody fight, seven more goblins joining the fray. Elzeni calls on spiritual guardians to protect her, a swirling shield of angelic figures surrounding her as she charges into battle. Orcs start to emerge from the tents as Gantar lets loose a fireball, scorching a wide circle in the earth. Aymer ducks behind a tree, firing arrows into the crowd as Constance charges the nearest goblin.

It’s a bloody fight, the camp leader emerging from the largest tent and howling a battle cry. The party takes as many hits as they dish, emerging victorious a few narrow escapes from death later.

A search of the camp reveals a cart laden with crates and sacks matching those in the storage room. Elzeni begins to load additional sacks from around the camp while Constance, Aymer, and Gantar investigate the area. Aymer finds a goblin hiding in a small crater, it shrieking and running away as he approaches. He pulls out his bow, the small creature darting into brush before he can hit it.

The party collects what coin was in the camp and pull the wagon back to the storage building. They put the sacks and crates back where they belong, heading through the portal to tell Kymil the door to the outside is broken.

Back in the tavern, the hour has grown late, time passing slightly slower in the storage dimension. Kymil motions them to a table, busy pouring drinks for the packed tavern. Sarya is delivering food to tables. Cyrus, upon seeing the party, abandons his post at the bar to join them, earning a sour look from Kymil.

“Where have you lot been then?” Cyrus asks as he sits down.

“In another dimension,” Constance says, taking a bit of dried meat as Elzeni lays out the provisions Kymil gave them earlier.

“Ooo, which one?”

“The one in the kitchen.”

“Oh. Much less exciting. Anything good there?”

“A camp of goblins and orcs.”

“Blegh. That had to smell. Sounds like a terrible way to spend the day. I’ve been playing bartender with Kymil.”

“You could have helped us,” Elzeni says.

“No thanks. Wouldn’t want to cramp your style.”

They scowl as Kymil comes to the table carrying five ales.

“What did you find then?” he asks.

“There was a camp of goblins and orcs. Might be more, but we took care of the camp. Also, the door to the outside on your storage space is broken.”

“I suspected as much. I’ll get someone to fix it with a sturdier material.”

“You could just seal it into a wall,” Gantar says, sipping his ale.

“True, but we may need to expand the storage space in the future if Veltis and Immanuel keep bringing back artifacts. In terms of payment, Veltis instructed me to give you all 150gp for the trouble. I can give you coin or credit.”

“Where’s the credit good?” Elzeni asks.

“Here, the Rebellious Steed Inn across the way and the magic shop next door.”

They claim their reward, Kymil returning with coin purses a moment later.

“One last thing: I’ve sent out feelers about the symbol you’re researching. I’ll let you know when I hear anything, but I’m guessing you’ll have tomorrow off. The fact that I haven’t gotten anything yet means it’s fairly obscure.”

“Thank you,” Elzeni says, handing him a gold piece. “I know you work for Veltis, but we appreciate you helping us track this symbol down.”

“Don’t mention it,” Kymil responds with a smile. “Feel free to stay and drink. You’ve earned a celebration.”

The party takes his advice, settling into their ale, washing away the uneasiness of the strange symbol.


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