Day 165

D&D Update Part 1!


Having rested at either the Temple of Torm or The Halberd Inn, the party meets back up in the morning. As they are gathered over breakfast at The Halberd Inn, Cyrus bursts through the door.

“Good morning, heroes!”

They mutter replies, each absorbed in their food. After waiting a minute for them to ask, he’ll rush into conversation. “Aren’t you going to ask me how my evening with the lovely Sarya went?”

“I’d rather not know,” Elzeni says, cringing.

“I want to know,” Gantar says, smiling through his eggs.

“Thank you, Gantar. It was magical. She’s a wonderful lass. Did you know she’s gifted in music? What a woman.”

“So no shenanigans?” Elzeni says hopefully.

“No, no. We talked at The Bonded Bow with Kymil, he’s a fine chap, Constance you should really ask him out. Or maybe you, Smegolas. Elves are rather open about that sort of thing.”

“No thanks,” Smegolas says as Constance snorts into her breakfast.

“Suit yourself. You’re severely limiting the amount of good time you can have. Regardless, it was a wonderful time. I dare say that the only bore of the evening was when your noble waltzed in and made everyone start working. Rather rude of her, don’t you think?”

“Our noble?” Constance asks.

“Yes, you know, the pompous one at Caedmon’s tower that called me old. Another rude remark, I’d like to add. I don’t think I’m overly fond of her.”

As they are talking, a young man comes into the inn, making his way over to the table.

“A message for you from the Lady Veltis. She is requesting your presence at The Bonded Bow for tea to discuss the terms of your employment.”

They thank the lad, giving him a silver for his troubles, before settling back into breakfast. After finishing up, the party heads toward the Upper City, Cyrus humming happily next to them. After a short walk, they arrive at The Bonded Bow, the establishment dark in the morning hours. They knock on the door, Sarya answering and welcoming them in. She gives a special welcome to Cyrus, a slight blush on her cheeks as the elf greets her with a quick kiss on the cheek.

Inside, Veltis is waiting at a table, sorting through a small stack of papers. Immanuel sits next to her, nodding slightly to the party as Veltis hands him one of the papers. He reads it, nodding to her and standing as the party sits down.

“You’ll have to excuse Manny. We’ve received some troubling news from the south that needs immediate investigation. How was your trip back from the wizard’s tower?”

“It was good,” Elzeni tells her. “What’s the trouble in the South?”

“Oh, a possible rift opening. Lightning storms, strange metals, all warning signs that something came through a rift. Immanuel and I will travel there shortly and make sure nothing gets out of hand.”

“Is that what you’ve summoned us here for?” Constance asks as Kymil sets a tray of tea and cups on the table.

“Gods no. That responsibility lies with Manny and me. Before you went into the woods, I had told you of a problem with stolen food. It seems something is breaking into our storage space and stealing food. I wasn’t aware anything was living in that dimension, but truth be told it’s a rather old dimension that we haven’t always kept a close eye on.”

“Which dimension?” Gantar asks, his ears perking up.

“The one in our kitchen. We use it for storage. We haven’t mapped out the dimension, to be honest, so you’ll be flying a little blind, I’m afraid.”

“Per usual,” Constance says, smiling and sipping her tea.

“Kymil will show you through to the storage. Once you’re inside the storage area, avoid touching anything. Some of the items are… volatile. Proceed outside and investigate the surrounding land for what might be stealing food.”

“Do you know what it might be?” Elzeni asks.

“I’m afraid we haven’t a clue. There hasn’t been any real investigation, though, so do take care.”

The party nods, finishing up their tea.

“Deal with the problem and come back. In the meantime, I’ve asked Kymil to look into the symbol found in that young lad’s room. Chase Kaldrian informed me that you are also looking for the missing lad, no?”

“Yes. He helped us in the past. Does Kymil know what the symbol is for?”

“No, not as of yet. He has… connections, shall we say. If that’s all, I’m afraid I must be getting on the road. The trouble in the south isn’t going to solve itself!”

With that, Veltis heads to the foyer, exchanging a few words with Sarya before stepping out the establishment. The party heads up to the bar to talk with Kymil…


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