Day 162

Prompt: this week, pick part of the quote below and write an entry inspired by it.

“Wherever there is a poetical action, a religious aspiration, a heroic thought, or a union of the nature within man and the Nature without, there is Zen.”  -R. H. Blyth

My choice: a heroic thought


Delilah sits down next to me as I scroll through my phone, elbowing me lightly.

“Hey, goof. What’s up?”

“Reading the latest and greatest on reddit. How’s your day?”

“Eh, could be better. Homework assignment from diff eq is longer than last week’s, so that should be fun. We on for math study group Sunday?”

I open my mouth to reply as a group of frat bros walk by. There are a few coughed statements of “nerds” and “losers” toward our gathering of science folk. For a moment, I think about replying.

After all, there are countless statistics in my favor. Fact: nerds get higher paying jobs and have a better quality of life after graduation. Fact: unpopular types from high school are happier and lead more fulfilling lives later on. Fact: football causes severe brain injury and sometimes autism.

I think about all the things I could say, all the ways I could defend our honor. But, in defending, would I not also be acknowledging that nerd is a label to shy away from, that nerd is a label that needs to be defended since it is inherently bad?

Instead, I elbow Delilah in the side. “Want to get a bite?”

“Sure thing.”

Sometimes not rising to the occasion, not giving an insult any energy, is the best way to defend it.


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