DD 160

H. Blyth wrote, “Wherever there is a poetical action, a religious aspiration,a heroic thought, or a union of the nature within man and the Nature without, there is Zen.”  

Prompt:  Respond to one or more elements of Blyth’s perspective.

I took the above quote from my daily desk calendar for July 5th. In responding to the quotation, I assumed I could ignore the possibility that there is a correlation on the calendar between the dates listed and the quotations provided, but I should check that assumption against dates on the calendar besides July 5th. . .

It turns out there is a correlation:  I  checked the calendar entry for Thanksgiving, and it discusses the sanctity of the home which is plenty Thanksgiving-y; and the entry for December 25th focuses on miracles; however, July 5th would seem to not follow that pattern because July 5th is probably just a date that comes after a date that matters . . .

When I googled July 5th, the first thing I found was that July 5th was the date bikinis first went on sale.   The Frenchman Louis Reard designed the swimwear and named it after the island that the United States was using to test atomic weapons..  It seemed surprising that Reard would choose a name that alluded  to an action taken by a country other than his own–that seemed an un-French thing to do; but the French didn’t test their first atomic bomb until 1960, and Reard would have had to either delay the sale of the first batch of bikinis or hope that French nuclear scientists would be willing to hurry up their testing schedule.

But, more specifically related to Blyth’s quotation at the top of this page, I thought the challenge would be to puzzle out what a phrase like “heroic thought” meant because how can a “thought” be “heroic”; but another item on the July 5th website noted that Isaac Newton published his laws on motion and gravitation on that date; and if that isn’t an example of a heroic thought, I’m Louis Reard.





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