Day 155

Prompt: go to a random playlist and write an entry inspired by the first song you hear.

For mine, the song is Fractal by Itvara.


I slip under the surface of the water, activating my rebreather and waiting for Roan to join me. He sinks down, tugging me with him, a stream of bubbles escaping as we drift gently to the bottom of the pool. I raise my eyebrows at him under the massive goggles, and he nods towards the surface.

Smiling around the rebreather, I lay on my back and look up through the water. For a moment, it takes my breath away. The clear water ripples slightly on the surface, wind and our air bubbles disrupting its calm. Through the small imperfections, stars twinkle. They shift and dance outside the water, glittering like a promise.

We lay there, fingers interlaced, staring up through the water at the stars. I lose time, the sound of our “breathing” amplified down here, a dark blanket of water around us. Down here it’s just us. No roommates interrupting us while we try to watch a movie or phone alerts buzzing. Just our breathing. I could stay here forever.

Eventually, Roan tugs my hand. I nod, pulling myself to the surface and swimming toward the shallow end til I can stand. We pull our masks off, laughing in the night.

“See? Wasn’t that fun?”

“That was magical, Roan. Thank you. I didn’t know how much I needed the quiet.”

“Hey, now is not forever. Soon enough we’ll be able to get our own place.”

“Yeah? Tell me about our future place.”

We wrap up in towels as he talks, donning sandals for the walk back to my apartment.

“Well. It’s not big, nothing glamorous, but it’s cozy. There’s a plush couch that sucks you in and makes you want to nap. We keep a giant fleece blanket on it for just those occasions.”

“Mmm go on,” I say, grabbing his hand and kissing it.

“We have a small kitchen crammed full of all your baking accessories. You bake every other day.”

“I do?”

“Yeah. See, I got a promotion and now we can afford for you to work part-time and spend the rest of the time building the foundation for the bakery you’ve always wanted to open. You sell the baked goods through a website, custom orders mostly, but eventually you’ll have a store people can stop in at to pick up a dozen cookies on their way home from work.”

“I’d love that, baby.”

“But the best part would be our bedroom,” he says, winking.

“Oh?” I raise my eyebrows at him.

“Yes. We have a giant king size bed that you get to sleep in the middle of. Along the walls are bookshelves for your collection and in the corner is a chair with a small end table and a reading lamp. Sometimes you sit cross-legged in the chair and read out loud to me while I lounge on the bed.”

I pull him close. “I like our apartment,” I tell Roan, kissing him softly.

“That’s a relief.”

“A relief?”

“Well…” he says, looking sheepish as he stows our breathing gear in the back of his car. “I might have found an apartment at a very reasonable rate and put a down payment on it.”

I stare at him, my heart pounding in my ears.


“I, uh, found a place. It’s nothing fancy, but I want you to move in with me if that’s okay with you.”

“Wha- what about my lease? I have three more months on it.”

“Ah, this is where I got clever. I found a grad student willing to sublet it for the rest of the summer.”

“Are you serious, Roan? Is this a joke?”

“No joke, Nat. Will you move in with me?”

I take a moment to breath, exhaling the breath I’d been holding.

“Of course I will!” I yell, grabbing him for a kiss.

He smiles into the kiss, wrapping his arms around me. We stand there, lost in the embrace, the thunder of his heart loud in my ears.

“Well then. Shall we begin our new life, milady?”

I smile and take his hand.


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