Day 151

D&D Update Part Two (part one)!


As our two adventurers reach the edge of outer town, Cyrus gives them a wave.

“Well, I’m off to explore. I assume you’re headed to temples and beings of my particular brand aren’t exactly welcome there. I’ll check in with you tomorrow morning, yeah?”

With a wink, he steps down one of the alleys, his image flickering for a moment before it disappears. Elzeni and Constance walk through the town, pretty familiar with the way back by now, and, after about five minutes, the pair emerges from the alleys into the small market of the Outer Town.

Our pair makes their way to the Main Gate to Tereod. Gerard is there, and he smiles when they approach.

“Welcome back, Constance. Elzeni, you have been given access to the city as a helper to the Lady Veltis. Here is your paperwork, keep it on you at all times. This paperwork gives you free roam of the Lower City, market, and merchant sector, including the Lady Veltis’ establishment The Bonded Bow. Should you be asked to visit the Lady’s home, you will need an escort to meet you at the Noble Gate, and while you are in the Upper City you will need to be accompanied by a noble or a member of a noble’s estate. Any questions?”

“Good. One last thing, a Captain Kaldrian of the Outer Town Guard asked to speak with you. Something about a guard named Ian.”

“Thank you, Gerry,” Constance says, giving him a smile as they head into the Lower City as the sun is beginning to set.

They agree to meet in the morning, each moving to their respective temples. As they enter the temple, they both feel a slight twinge in the small of their back. The priests and clerics welcome them, seemingly unaware of the misdeed these two committed. Despite the hospitality, neither can shake the feeling that they’re being watched closely by something just out of sight.

They both eat dinner, simple stew and bread with a cup of wine, attending night prayers before retiring. Constance returns to her room at the temple, a small abode with a bed, desk, a few books, and a chest for her belongings. Elzeni, unknown at this temple yet, is given a bed with the initiates. After praying individually to their gods, the two fall into restless sleep.

While they sleep, they are each visited with a vision:

Constance sees a strange dark altar with a half-demon performing some ritual. There are villagers in the pews, watching as the demon plunges an ornate dagger into the chest of a young man. On the altar is a symbol she recognizes: the Church of Bane, a god of chaos and evil, one of Torm’s sworn enemies. She sees her symbol of Torm, the pendant around her neck, shining in the light as a crack slowly forms, breaking it. Constance wakes in a cold sweat.


symbol to bane
Symbol to Bane


Elzeni sees an obsidian altar with a large, black gem on it. Inside the gem, she sees the faces of the eleven souls from Caedmon’s tower. On the altar is a symbol she has never seen before. A man is there, his face blurred, shutting a hidden door and covering it with tarp. There’s a calendar, today’s date crossed out, the date three days hence circled. She sees a small town, along the coast, broken, rocky cliffs on its right side. Her symbol to Bahamut, the chip in it growing into a crack as it is sundered in twain. Elzeni wakes, same as Constance, a chill settling in her bones.


vexion's symbol
Symbol Elzeni sees


In the morning, the two meet up outside the temple district, each telling the tale of their dreams. Sure that they are visions from their deities, the two head uptown to see if Veltis is back and town and able to help them.

As they pass the market, they see Cyrus, leaning against a stand and waving at them. He jogs over jovially, seemingly solid again today.

“Good morning, heroes! What a great day. I trust you had a good night? I had a wonderful night. There was this beautiful elven girl that-”

“I don’t think I want to hear anything past that, Cyrus,” Elzeni says.

“Your loss. It was… magical.”

He winks and Elzeni winces visibly.

“Here’s a question, Cyrus. Do you know any towns on a rocky coast around here?”

“The coast? That would be north of the city. Nearest one to here is Colkirk. I haven’t been there in years, so who knows if it’s even there.”

“Do you know anything about a black gem with souls in it?”

“A gem? I’ve heard of black sapphires being used as soulstones before, but I’ve never actually seen one. What’s going on?”

“I had a vision of a black gem with souls in it on an obsidian altar. The vision indicated that it was a coastal town.”

“How interesting. Do you get a lot of halluci-err, visions?”

Elzeni rolls her eyes and continues walking. Despite her apparent annoyance, Cyrus tags along, humming to himself as they continue to The Bonded Bow…


Part 3 Tomorrow…


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