Day 149

Prompt: You come into work one morning and the dry erase board by your desk has a note on it that you didn’t write. You assume it’s a coworker friend so, just to amuse yourself, you respond to the note on the board with your own note. The next morning you come in and there’s…


a new note Do you want to see a magic trick? I frown, slowly erasing it. A magic trick?

As I finish erasing the message, my computer beeps. I turn, opening up the new message:

Subject: why not?

don’t you like magic tricks?

I close the window rapidly, breaking out in a cold sweat. My phone buzzes:

From: (604) 867-5555
what’s wrong? you look worried

Attached to the text is a picture of me, at my desk. I look back at my computer, the green light indicated my webcam is active. I shut the computer and disconnect it from the internet, taking a moment to calm my heartbeat. Another buzz on my phone:

From: (544) 530-6777
aww, don’t be like that. you look beautiful today

I suppress a shriek, blocking all incoming messages on my phone. This can’t be happening. This is something that happens on TV and in the movies to scare people. This isn’t real.

My phone rings: <blocked number>

Taking a deep breath, I gather my laptop and phone in my work bag, shutting the door to my office and heading upstairs. I knock on Kevin’s door as he’s staring at his screen.

“Hey, morning, Ash! What’s up?”

“I’m losing it, Kev. So when I came into work yesterday, someone had written on my board ‘I like your office.’ I thought it was Mal playing a prank on me, so I wrote back: ‘thanks I decorated it myself.'”

“Okay… So Mal is bei-”

“Just- Let me finish. This morning my board said ‘do you want to see a magic trick?’ and as I erased it…”

I open the computer and show him the message. He frowns at it.


“It gets weirder. When I deleted it, I got a text message.”

I show him the first message. His eyes widen and he looks at me.

“Ash, this is serious. We have some pretty beefy security here and this guy is through it like nothing. Do you know who this could be?”

“No. I have no idea. I’m freaked out, Kev.”

“Honestly, you probably should be. Don’t connect this computer to the network. You need to take this to the police.”

“And do what? Tell them I’m being stalked by someone and I have no idea who it is and there haven’t been any threats of violence so they can’t investigate?”

He’s quiet for a moment. “What do you want me to do?”

“Well, do you think you can track this guy down?”

“I don’t know… probably?”

“Good. One more thing?”


“Do you still have that 9mm?”



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