DD 146

Niriam said, Prompt:  You come into work one morning and the chalkboard has a note on it that you didn’t write. You assume it’s a coworker friend so, just to amuse yourself, you respond to the note on the board with your own note. The next morning you come in and there’s…

“Do you know who left the message?” Tim asked.

“No,” Nancy said.  “I unlocked my room this morning, and the message was already on my chalkboard.”

“What did it say?”

“Do you listen to me?  I just told you what the message said.”

“Tell me again,” Tim said as he gathered up the papers that had just come out of the copying machine.

“It said, ‘To be is to do, Socrates.’”

“Did you erase it?”

“No, someone is communicating with me.”

“You think Socrates is communicating with you?”

“No, of course not.  But someone thinks I would benefit from thinking about Socrates.”

“Have you?”

“We’re talking about it now, aren’t we?  And I’ve responded–I wrote down a quote by Satre on the chalkboard.  I wrote, ‘To do is to be.”

“That’s the same quote.”

“No it’s not.  Socrates said, ‘To be is to do,’ and Satre said it the other way around”

“I don’t see the difference,” Tim said as he cleared his code from the photocopy machine.

“How can you not see the difference?  They’re the reverse of each other.”

“So they disagree?”

“Not exactly.  They’re just looking at the same idea from different perspectives.”

“Can I add my perspective to your chalkboard?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe,” Nancy said.  “What would you write?”

“Do be do be do.  It’s from a song by Frank Sinatra,”

Nancy laid her master onto the photocopier glass and tapped in the number of copies that she wanted.  “You can’t write on my chalkboard.  You aren’t taking it seriously.”

“If you don’t like Frank Sinatra, what about, ‘Yabba dabba doo’ from  Fred Flinstone?”

Ralph Peterson was standing in line behind Nancy at the photocopier, and he said, “Or Dabba dabba doo’ from Kate Bush?”

Miriam Schultz, the office secretary,  looked up from her computer screen and said.  “Or, ‘Hey-boo-boo’ from Yogi Bear.”

“Here’s a quote for all of you,” Nancy said.  “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.’”  

Nancy’s copies finished printing simultaneously with the end of her recitation of the Twain quotation, and she gathered her papers,  smiled at her co-workers, and left the office.  

For a moment the only sound in the room was Ralph tapping in his photocopier security code; then, Miriam said, And there’s ‘Da do ron ron ron, da do ron ron.’

“Socrates?” Tim asked.

“The Crystals,” Miriam said.








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