Day 144

Part two of our D&D update for the week (part one).


Our adventurers pause on the fourth floor, readying themselves for what promises to be a tough fight. As they come up the stairs, they see three sarcophagi of similar build to the one they destroyed the day before. The sarcophagi are arranged in a triangular form, their lids cracked and caved, seemingly non-functional. As they cautiously enter, they see a tall, robed figure on the far end of the room, looking out the window.

“Look, Cyrus, your friends are here. Maybe I’ll take their souls, too.”

The figure turns, revealing what were once elven features that seem to have been stretched back. His skin looks like it is starting to rot and his eyes burn a dull amber.

“I’m afraid you’re too late, heroes,” Caedmon says, looking at one decrepit hand. “The ritual is complete. I should thank you for dealing with my… ‘excess inventory’ yesterday. I never would have been so creative without it. I thought about dispelling the ghosts their untimely deaths creative, but… imagine the looks on their family’s faces when they learn what you heroes did. I could, of course, be persuaded to dispel them before they have time to tattle.”

“We don’t barter with evil, scum! Prepare to die!” Constance yells, activating her spectral rapier.

“Well then. I’d love to stay and chat, heroes, but I’m afraid I have a date with a great deal of power.”

He stretches out a hand, flinging something through the air. As it flies toward them, they see it’s a black tentacle, growing in size as it travels. Hitting the ground, the tentacle bursts, black tentacles shooting up from the ground in a wide circle. Aymer, Constance and Gantar manage to slip away from them as one wraps tight around Elzeni.

Constance rushes towards the necromancer as Gantar helps Elzeni escape. Aymer pulls out his bow, loosing an arrow toward the wizard that goes wide. As our adventurers move, Caedmon laughs, the tentacles inhibiting their ability to get to him.

“Had enough, heroes?”

He waves his hand and three duplicates of him spring into existence. Constance swings at him, swearing under her breath as her sword passes through air, one duplicate vanishing. Elzeni calls on Bahamut, a scythe springing into existence next to one of the Caedmon’s. It slices, hitting flesh, and he scowls. A raven swoops from the rafters, its claws raking across Constance as Caedmon’s wounds close. Gantar throws up his duplicates in retaliation as Aymer fires another arrow, this one soaring out the window as another Caedmon vanishes.

Down to two, Constance swings, channeling her divine might and cutting deep into the dark wizard. Her sword bites into his arm, holy energy shooting through him and lighting up his veins. He hisses, skin sloughing off, black energy muting the radiance of her sword. He reaches out with his bony hand, clasping around her arm as cold sweeps throughout her body. He releases her, laughing as she struggles to break the paralysis.

Gantar moves closer, releasing three blasts of fire. One of them finds purchase on the wizard’s body, the other two bouncing off his magical shield. Caedmon grabs Gantar, cold sweeping through his body as he slides to the ground unconscious. Elzeni, still trapped in the tentacles, swings one last time with her spiritual scythe. She sees Caedmon step out of the way as her vision fades to dark.

Aymer runs to Constance, placing his hand on her back and healing her, the paralysis she felt now gone. Caedmon smiles, a black raven landing on his shoulder.

“I think my work here is done, heroes.”

A purple doorway opens behind him. He steps backward through it, waving and laughing as the door slams shut…


TBC tomorrow (last part)…


Combat Map:

2017.06.22 ww


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