Day 143

Time for another D&D update! This week’s session was A Wizard’s Workshop.


Our adventurers set up camp, Aymer taking the first watch.In the third hour of his watch, Aymer hears a strange squishing sound, turning to see what looks like a large, greenish cube squelching toward him. He yells to wake his companions, taking a step back as a piece of the cube protrudes and hits him. Gantar wakes as Aymer slices into the cube, blearily standing and sending a ray of frost toward the squelching creature. Elzeni takes aim with her crossbow as Constance pulls out her spectral blade.

It’s a short fight, Constance managing to slice the strange cube in half. Our adventurers head back to sleep, Constance getting another couple hours of meditation before taking over watch. After an uneventful four hours, our adventurers wake in the morning, ready to take on the wizard Caedmon. The walk back to the tower is quiet, an eerie silence filling the preternatural darkness. As the tower looms before them, they hear a single cry of a raven as the door creaks open.

The first floor is the same as they left it. As they walk toward the stairs, they can’t shake the feeling that they’re being watched. The second floor has no doors anymore, burnt ashes on the ground where doors once stood. In the coffin room, they find a pile of ashy wood. The storage room yields the same. Our adventurers proceed slowly, not sure what has transpired in the 9 hours they’ve been away.

The third floor also has no door. From the darkness, they hear a quiet sobbing and what sounds like voices whispering in the room. As they enter, our heroes see 8 faded figures, almost completely transparent, their faces familiar. Looking closely, Elzeni can tell that these are the figures that they beheaded the day before.

On the far side of the room is hunched figure, seemingly the source of the sobbing. Elzeni moves toward it, seeing if she can tell who it might be. As she moves, it begins to stand up. She hears a man’s voice come from the figure.

“Miranda, is that you? How’s our little Jae? Tell her daddy will be home soon, my love.”

Now standing, our adventurers can see that the creature appears to have two heads. It turns slowly, revealing a third head awkwardly coming out of its chest. Our adventurers see, much to their horror, that this creature appears to have been stitched out of three bodies. It has two legs, three heads with milky white eyes, and four arms. The head that spoke before belongs to a human male maybe 35 years old. Next to his head is one of a young elven teen, also male.

The teen speaks, his head moving and looking into the darkness: “I’m sorry I snuck out, father. I wanted to defend our family. I won’t let the Lochran name down.”

From the creature’s chest protrudes the head of an older woman: “Where’s my son? It’s so cold here. Have you seen Ian?”

Gantar, taken aback, says, “What happened to you?”

The creature shudders and all three of its heads scream as it charges forward. Constance stands in front of Gantar, taking the brunt of its flailing arms. Aymer rushes to her aid, pulling out his rapier and slicing into one of the creature’s arms. Gantar hits it with a bolt of fire while Elzeni readies her crossbow. They dispatch the creature quickly, holy light shining through its form from Constance’s blade. The stitches holding it together seem to disintegrate, the body parts falling into a heap on the floor.

As they catch their breath, our adventurers notice that 11 ghosts are now gathered in the room. Elzeni tries to talk to them, apologizing for their misdeeds the day before and telling them she didn’t know they were still alive. Holding her amulet to Bahamut, she can see there is a chip in the idol, an ominous sign that her god is not happy.

After burning the bodies, our adventurers continue, hoping that with the death of the wizard, the ghosts will be set free…


TBC tomorrow…


Combat Map:

2017.06.22 fg.png


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