Day 142

Prompt: game or competition. Continued from Day 141.


It’s a pensive two minutes before I see the creature. It’s bipedal to a degree, hunched over with light green skin that seems to shift and change as it moves. I slip noiselessly deeper into the cave, my eyes never leaving the creature.

The thing sniffs the air, its arms twitching faintly, the claws at least 3 inches long. It’s turning towards me, turning unnaturally, like it doesn’t use its eyes to move. I freeze, hoping the stillness might hide me. Its head lifts to the sky, throat working as a hideous cawing rings out. Shit.

I run toward it, hoping to take it down before its friends show up. The creature sniffs again, head swinging toward me, claws outstretched. It’s fast, faster than I thought, one of its claws catching me in the side. I duck and activate the vibroknife, its hum reassuring in my hand.

My first slice catches a tendon, sending it wobbling, giving me enough room to kick it over. I finish it quickly, cutting off its shriek in one swift motion. I stand over it for a moment, panting, heart still racing. The pain in my side feels far away, a dull ache with the adrenaline coursing through my veins.

I keep my ears open, working quickly to bandage my wound best as I can. I scan the creature’s body, looking for weaknesses, getting no connected information from the deck. It must have been wiped from my system. I save the log anyway, trying to keep myself hopeful that I’ll get off this damn rock.

I need to find a safe place to hole up, heal from this wound best I can and figure out my next move. One step at a time. I’m not dying here.


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