Day 141

Prompt: games or competition. Continued from Day 139.


I keep moving, slipping through the forest. Something is coming, that much is certain. What is coming… that’s a whole other question.

I find water with 12 minutes still on the clock, working quickly to fill my canteen. There are a few edible plants that I recognize; I store some in my pack. Next on the list, shelter.

The fake forest is strikingly real, birds cawing from the trees. I look for forms, for any indication I’m not the only animal life in this damn place. For a moment, I consider climbing a tree to get a better view. Only 5 minutes left. Don’t want to get caught unprepared.

I run through the forest, getting as far as I can from the table, assuming that’s where whatever the hell it is coming after me will be released. I find a small cave and start working. According to my deck, whatever it is has been free for 2 minutes.

Another five minutes pass, the hair on the back of my neck standing up as I work as quickly and quietly as I can. I’m almost finished with the makeshift trap when I hear movement. I fade quietly against the wall, knife at the ready, melting into the shadows as I watch. Time to see what I’m up against.


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