Day 139

Prompt: games and competition.



The steel door slides open to bright light that burns after being kept in the dark for so long. I squint, shading my eyes and looking outside. Ahead is a cheap metal table, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and I step forward cautiously. It smells like forest, like I’m back on Earth, but that can’t be possible. The gravity is too weak.

The table has a deck on it. I strap it to my arm, wincing as the spikes dig in, connecting to my nervous system. It loads slowly, like there’s weak network, like nowhere on Earth. Where is this?

Next to the deck is a vibroknife, standard issue, possibly the one I came to this forsaken planet with. I keep it out, not active, but ready at a moment’s notice, and I step into the forest.

As soon as I clear the table, a timer starts on my deck. It’s counting down from 30 minutes. I smirk, cycling through deck until I find a map. Let’s do this, assholes.




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