Day 136

D&D Update Time! This past session (6/15) was titled The Dark Tower.


Our adventurers wake in the morning, their wounds healed, ready to continue towards the tower. They pack up camp, the mist rolling in as it normally does as they set out on the road. They walk along the path for about an hour before they see the outline of the tower. As they draw closer, the mist seems to fade, sinking slowly towards the ground before disappearing.

The tower is tall, maybe 80 feet in height, about 50 feet in diameter. At the top, the tower widens, a rickety wooden balcony held up by suspended rods protruding from the side. The stone is dark and smooth, what Elzeni estimates to be at least 1000 years old.

Our adventurers approach cautiously, walking to the decaying door. They investigate the door carefully, pushing it open and, unknowingly, activating a Glyph of Warding. As they step on the glyph, it casts the spell Detect Thoughts, allowing Caedmon to know our four adventurers are here and what their current thoughts are:

  • Constance: this place is evil.
  • Elzeni: I like the stone.
  • Gantar: was that a trap?
  • Aymer: I’m glad they didn’t make me climb the tower. I don’t like climbing anymore.

Inside, our adventurers see a long, narrow corridor reaching to the other side of the tower. There are two closed doors along the hallway. Constance, leading the way, opens the door on the left. Inside, she sees a dusty storage room, old wine barrels against the wall and what looks to be a deep pit in the floor. Constance, Elzeni and Aymer investigate the pit while Gantar checks the wine barrels (which are tragically empty and dried up from years of disuse).

As Aymer leans over the pit, a strange black ooze reaches up and hits him. Constance, seeing the danger, strikes out, slicing the ooze. It shudders and splits in half, forming two smaller oozes. Gantar, noticing the sudden clatter of weapons, throws fire at the ooze attacking Aymer, turning it into a puddle of black goo. Elzeni smashes the other ooze with her mace, leaving a second puddle of black goo on the floor.

The party debates whether they should investigate the bottom of the pit. As they debate, they notice that the puddles of ooze bubble slightly and are starting to eat through the stone floor. They take their leave, investigating the other door in the hallway. Inside, they find five old coffins made of pine, gray with age. Carefully, they check the coffins, ready for any undead that might pop out. All the coffins are empty, leaving them to wonder where the bodies may have gone. At the end of the corridor, a winding spiral staircase leads up to the next floor.

The second floor has two doors as well, one leading to a room containing four coffins. As Constance opens the door, a skeleton swings a short sword at her. It’s a short fight, Elzeni breaking the skeleton’s ribs as Gantar sets it alight. Constance checks the coffins. One is empty with the other three containing mostly-decayed skeletons. Elzeni, cautious, breaks the arms of the skeletons in case they are brought to life by Caedmon.

She moves to the other room, finding it full of crates and barrels. Searching, she doesn’t find the box Cyrus spoke of, but does find about 10 days worth of food that the party divides up. The staircase continues up to a third floor…


I’ll pick up again with this tomorrow. If you’re interested, below are the combat maps for the first two floors (these are my versions with DM notes written on them). We hadn’t had a close-quarters encounter yet, so it was a fun challenge for them to fight their way up the tower.

combat map 1&2


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