Day 130

Another D&D update! This last week’s session: The Spreading Darkness.


As Aymer sits down for watch, Cyrus joins him. They sit in silence for a moment as evening fades to night, the darkness less pervasive here in the clearing. Stars shine above and, looking at them, Cyrus sighs.

“Can I ask you something, former elf to elf?”

Aymer looks at him cautiously. “Is this like a personal question?”

“Depends on what you consider personal. Perhaps I’ll just ask. How old are you? You’ve a knack with the forest that can only come from spending a great deal of time in it.”

“I’m a spry 220.”

“I remember being 220. Those were good years, though the world was much different then. May I ask you another question?”

“Besides the one you’re asking me in asking if you can ask? Sure.”

“Tell me, why do you choose to be an adventurer? In the short time I’ve been watching your group, you have all stared into death’s darkness. But you keep going; it seems to be a good career for dying.”

“Yeah. I haven’t told any of my companions this, but… I’m haunted by visions of a terrible disaster.”

“What kind of disaster?”

“I don’t get details, but when I wake up, the horror is still with me. I have to stop it.”

“You’ve never died, have you?”

“No. I’ve come close a couple times.”

“I was 437 when I died. It changes you. I suppose people like your Constance might have a happy death, go off galavanting with their god, but not me. You may find this hard to believe, but I was not an overly good person in my time.”

“I’m shocked.”

“It was a different era, Aymer. Elves trapped in a bloody war. Hatred was the language of the world, and demons feasted on it. I traded my soul to one on that battlefield.”

“To a demon?”

Cyrus nods. “He came to me while I was dying, a sword buried in my side. Had I known the horrors I’d face in his realm when I died… well, can’t change the past. Be careful, Aymer. The Abyss changes you. I’m sure you’ve seen that with your big zombie friend.”

“Yeah he’s pretty weird.”

They sit in silence for a moment longer, Cyrus sighing deeply. “Well, I’m off. Have a good watch, Aymer.”

“Have a good… whatever it is you do in your dimension.”

“Nothing. There is a vast nothingness in the place I dwell. It’s horribly boring.”

“Don’t think I’ve ever been a place that had nothing to do.”

“And I hope you never do. Goodnight.”

Cyrus disappears, leaving Aymer in the silence of the forest. His watch passes uneventfully, the eerie quiet of the forest closing in on the clearing. He wakes Constance from her trance to take the second watch a few hours later.

Constance sits on her watch in silence, praying to Torm and keeping an eye out for anything that might be hungry. The rest of the night passes uneventfully, our adventurers waking rested in the morning.


To be continued tomorrow.


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