Day 129

I’m working on completing the D&D update for this week. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the backstory of our loveable ethereal scamp Cyrus.


Born in the year -9488 DR, Cyrus grew up in peace until -9200 DR at the start of the Fifth Crown War between the elven clans. A skilled swordsman, he was pulled into the fight, nearly dying on the battlefield in -9073 DR when he made a deal with the demon Balnuozach. He traded his soul for a second chance at living. Balnuozach healed him, and Cyrus deserted the war. For 22 years, he evaded capture, joining a Thieves Guild to stay alive. He was caught and executed for his desertion in -9051 DR.

For the next 6665 years, Cyrus was trapped in Balnuozach’s piece of the Abyss, a tortured plaything for the demon and his family. His charm got him some measure of relief, catching the eye of Balnuozach’s daughter Alozial. She doted on him until Balnuozach discovered their relationship, trading Cyrus to the cruel demon lord Vexion. In -2386 DR, the Netherese necromancer Filazar Hex pulled Cyrus from the Abyss, placing him a dead elf’s body. Filazar attempted to bind Cyrus and force him to serve as a slave for experimentation. Cyrus, animalistic after his time in the Abyss, killed Filazar during one of his experiments. Dying, Filazar banished Cyrus to a timeless dimension, cursed to live forever removed from the world.

Over the course of the next three hundred years, Cyrus figured out how to project his consciousness into this dimension. For thousands of years, he roamed the world, recapturing his humanity. In 1142 DR, he met the witch Neamhain. She offered him a way to return physically to this dimension in exchange for 100 souls. He accepted her deal; she gave him one year to complete the task. Cyrus collected 100 souls for her, growing close to her in the process. They were lovers for a time until Cyrus discovered where the collected souls went. They went to her god, Nyog’sothep “The Nameless Mist.” He absorbed the souls into the mist, trapping them for eternity in his dismal realm. Unable to reconcile with what he’d done, Cyrus tried to take the deal back. Neamhain, outraged at his denial of her god, banished him once more to the timeless dimension.

He retained some of the power she’d used to bring him back, able now to project himself physically with the use of a small statue she’d carved of him. The statue was stolen by the wizard Caedmon in 1263 DR, who used it to bind Cyrus. Enslaved once more, Cyrus now seeks the help of our adventurers to recover the statue and free himself.


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