Day 116

Day 2 of the weekly D&D recap (Day 1 here).


As they draw their weapons, another web shoots down next to Aymer. Before they can react, two giant spiders land on the forest floor. They hiss, their fangs sinking deep into Gantar and Aymer, both of whom shudder as poison courses through their veins.

Aymer swings at the spider angrily, cursing as the spider curls and bites at his hand, knocking the rapier to the ground. Elzeni lights up a third spider up as it descends from the canopy of trees, divine energy shining through its fur. Constance springs forward, poking at the spider attacking Gantar as he struggles against the webbing around his torso.

The spider next to Aymer hisses and bites him, the poison ripping through his veins and leaving him unconscious on the ground. As Elzeni moves back, summoning a scythe of spiritual energy to attack the spiders attempting to drag Aymer away. The last spider hisses at Constance, dodging her blade and sinking its fangs once again into Gantar, sending him to the ground unconscious.

Elzeni cuts down one of the spiders over Aymer, yelling a word of power and bringing Gantar back to consciousness. The spider over him hisses at bites at Constance, fangs sliding across her armor looking for purchase. Elzeni yells again, pulling Aymer back to consciousness in time for him to roll out of the way and avoid getting bit. It’s a short-lived victory, the spider sinking its fangs in as he stands up. He almost falls again, clutching his side as he moves back toward Elzeni.

Aymer reaches Elzeni as she lays her hand on his side, letting healing energy flow into his wound and burn the poison out. He raises his bow, loosing an arrow that buries itself into the spider’s side. Elzeni’s spiritual scythe slices its side. Constance cuts down the last spider, her weapon burning through the spider and leaving it in a pile of ash.

As our adventurers catch their breath, they hear clapping.

“Not bad, heroes. I’d like to propose an arrangement,” Cyrus says.

“What arrangement?” Gantar asks.

“My master stole something from me, and I want it back. The item is locked away in a room that beings of my… ‘state’ can’t enter. I want you to get this item for me.”

“What is the item?” Elzeni asks.

We’ll get to that in time. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket, as it were.”

“What’s in it for us?”

“Ah, yes. I will do nothing, but doing nothing doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything.”

The adventurers look at him curiously.

“I won’t tell my master about you. He has some degree of control over me, but he has to find me to make me talk. Given his distracted state, I can avoid him for quite some time.”


“And I’ll do my best to not be there when you find him. I’d rather not have to fight.”

“Where is your master’s tower?”

“Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything that might harm my master.”

“What about the mist?”

“Did you disturb it?”


“That’s good. If you happen to see her… don’t tell her you know me. She’s never quite forgiven me for my… infidelity as it were.”

“Is she a hag?”

“That’s a rather rude question. Do we have an arrangement?”

The adventurers mull it over for a moment.

“Sure,” Constance says. “So long as it’s not an evil item.”

“Wonderful! Thus seals our contract. Was there anything else you need?”

They shake their heads slowly, wondering if this partnership was such a good idea.

“Well then. Sleep tight, heroes. Don’t let the nasty things bite.” 

Cyrus winks and vanishes into thin air, leaving our adventurers to uneasy rest.


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