Day 111

Prompt: a character that makes work/school/neighborhood/etc interesting.


Jess’s face appears in my door, her mouth moving in words I can’t hear over the music. I pull my earbuds out.


“Luuuuunch time?”

“Sure. Where are we going?”

“The usual?”

“Sounds good. Let me get my bag.”

“Oh my god take foreeeeeever.”

I chuckle and shake my head, digging my purse out and throwing my phone in. Jess leans against the door frame, tapping her watchless wrist in mock impatience. We head outside, walking through the campus. The sidewalks are barren, trapped in that magical time after commencement but before summer school. We chat about the beautiful weather and how our days have been going, a weight of stress lifting from my shoulders in the sunshine and company.

The cajun restaurant is nearly empty, one lonely couple occupying a booth in the corner. We order and take a seat, Jess automatically sitting so I can stare out the window. She knows me so well.

“Busy afternoon?” Jess asks.

“Not really. I finished all my project work this morning, so I’m floating in the land of professional development.”

“Oooooh fun. Want to get drinks after work?”

“Depends on where…”

She rolls her eyes at me. “Obviously we’re going to the whiskey bar.”

I smile. “Deal.”

The day just got a whole lot better.


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