Day 109/110

D&D Update for the Week! Recap from the 5/18 game night.


Our adventurers wake up in the morning and head into the main bar area. Grolf is passed out in the corner, snoring softly. Barry is drinking a pint and eating breakfast at the bar, chatting quietly with Beraelyn. When he sees Constance, he waves and beckons her over.

“Good morning, Constance. I prayed to Torm last night, but I don’t know if I did it right. I kind of just stared at the sky and told the heavens what I told you. Do you think he heard me?”

Constance assures him the benevolent Torm heard him, settling in for a morning breakfast. After breakfast and settling tabs, Constance goes into Tereod and purchases a few items for their trip while Aymer, Gantar, and Elzeni wait at the main gate, still unable to access the city. Their items acquired, they head off into the woods.

The woods are bright as they enter, sun streaking through the sparse canopy above. They follow the trail they met Veltis on. After about twenty minutes, they reach the semi-hidden trail that leads to the cave Aymer and Elzeni found the undead wolves in. They decide to show it to Gantar and Constance, hoping one of them will recognize the magical rune carved into the cave floor or the symbol on the altar.

They reach the cave and step carefully inside, detecting no lingering evil, but pensive nonetheless. As they pass the rune on the ground, there’s a flash of light and a disembodied voice echoes in their ears:

“Welcome back. I see you’ve brought new friends this time.”

“Who are you?” Elzeni calls out, raising her mace.

The voice laughs low: “Be seeing you.”

There’s another flash of light and, when their eyes have recovered, they see the symbol that was carved into the stone is gone. Nothing more is heard from the voice, despite their attempt to converse. Investigating the rest of the cave, they find that the torch sconces are gone. The strange altar is gone, along with the braziers. There is blood on the floor where it was, but the crystal structure itself has vanished.

After investigating the cave, the party continues traveling in the woods. Eventually, the trail comes to an end at a small pond. There is a fire pit and clear area for camping, probably the camp that Veltis uses on her hunting trips. The party continues on, moving toward the center of the forest. As evening approaches, they hear a beautiful song to the left of the path.

Aymer, Gantar, and Elzeni hear the song, its beauty sending them almost into a trance. They manage to shake off the charming effect as Constance sprints off into the woods. She runs toward the source of the song, blinded to any danger, stopping just in time to catch herself before falling into a poorly disguised pit.

As Constance stops herself from falling in, a harpy swoops down from the trees, pushing her into the pit. Gantar rushes to help as Elzeni unleashes a bolt of radiant light at another harpy in a tree. A third harpy swoops in, attacking Aymer as he lines up an arrow. Gantar throws his rope of climbing into the pit, forgetting to say its word of power. As Constance begins to climb, he is pulled to the ground and dragged halfway to the pit before he is able to command the rope to stop.

It’s a short fight, the harpies quickly cutting their losses and flying away. Constance shoots one down as it flees, but the other two escape (mostly) unharmed. Aymer searches for any clues, hoping that there might be something to lead them to the evil that lurks in the forest. He finds only a small amulet made of a mixture of bones, clearly some sort of trophy trinket from the harpy’s kills.

Constance sets a fire, burning the body and saying a blessing to Torm before the party heads back onto the trail. When the sun begins to set, our adventurers look for a place to make camp. After a long day on the road, they roll out their bedrolls, lighting a small fire to ward off the chill.

During Elzeni’s watch, she hears the angry screech of an owl and rustling through the brush. Just as she’s wondering why that owl sounds so loud and close, she feels claws and a beak raking across her back. Her scream wakes the other adventurers as she gasps and heals herself quickly. Aymer is quick to back up and take a shot, burying an arrow in the owlbear’s side. It screeches and turns on him, barreling toward him to rake its claws across his chest.

Our party manages to cut down the owlbear as Alyn bursts into the clearing, his sword drawn but not glittering with dark energy. Constance is taken aback, the warning of Elzeni seen as both drunken ramblings and an exaggeration. Alyn eyes her warily as he speaks with the rest of the group.

“What’s the mission from the noble?”

Elzeni explains that they are seeking out evil in the heart of the forest as Alyn nods.

“There is great unrest here. Something wicked stirs… Azaeryth is on the move. I’m going to track her, see if I can’t determine her mark. With any luck, he’ll leave the city and I’ll be able to get a description for you.”

They wish him safe travels, Constance slowly calming from the fright of seeing a large undead druid appear in their camp and talk as a friend.

“If you get into the lower city, place this token in your room. I’ll be drawn to it.”

He hands the token to Elzeni, a small piece of wood with a burnt symbol on it: wooden token.png

“Stay safe. I’ll find you when I return from scouting.”

As he leaves, Alyn turns to Constance.

“Constance, I know I am… unnatural, an offense to all that is good in the world. I promise you I have no quarrel with any of the gods, and I mean this world no evil. I owe this existence to Azaeryth. When she dies, so too will I crumble and be banished back to the Abyss. I ask only that you tolerate me til I rip that bitch’s heart from her chest.”


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