Day 108

Continuing the story from yesterday (D&D update will be tomorrow & Sunday).


Johns finishes working on his blaster and motions me into the living room. I set down my helmet and follow, stretching my neck. He turns the holoscreen on, pulling up a map of the forest. I connect my holodeck and load the mission file. 

“The house is located on the other side of the mountain,” Johns says, rotating the map. 

I take control of the display, looking for the easiest access point. It’s a well-positioned hideout with plenty of open space around it. 

“Cameras?” I ask. 



“Also unknown.”

“So all we know is that an unknown number of hostiles have an unregulated bomb at a potentially well-guarded house in the middle of nowhere?”

“Yep. Welcome to the big leagues.”

I scowl at him, rotating the map and zooming in. “We need more intel.”

“We need to get going before they launch a bomb at the nearest city.”

“Give me a minute.”

I flip open my handcomp and pull up the nearest satellite. Armitech, a military prototype from two years ago. They shouldn’t notice a few extra images. It takes me a few minutes to sneak into the controls, changing the image to a geographical scan. Johns coughs pointedly. 

“Here,” I tell him, throwing the geographical overlay onto the holoscreen. “There’s a cave system running under the house. That’s where the bomb would be stored. We can access it through a cave six miles away.”

He looks at the map for a minute, brow furrowed. I shift my weight, waiting for a verdict. 

“Not bad, kid. Suit up.”

I smile and load the maps into our suits. Time to go to work.


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