Day 106

I’m swamped with plans today, so this will be a short post 🙂




The lake was peaceful, a few ripples at the edge, the occasional splash of a playful fish. Mountains and trees reflected off its surface, a slightly warped mirror of the scene around me. For a moment, I wondered what would happen if I dove in, dove through that mirror. Would it take me to wonderland?

The crunch of gravel gave Edward away as he came to stand behind me. We stood in silence for a moment, his fingers twining together with mine.

“What a beautiful day,” he told me, kissing my head.

“It makes me feel small, here beneath the mountains.”

“You’re not small, just short.”

I heard the smile in his voice, that cocky smirk he always gets when he pushes one of my buttons. I elbowed him lightly in the ribs.

“Play nice, Ed. You’re trapped alone with me here for the next week.”

“Oh, the horror!”

I rolled my eyes and sighed loudly. “Here not even an hour and you’re already sassing me. Keep it up, mister.”

“I plan to. You’re stuck out here with my sass.”

“There are worse things in the world.”


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