Day 102

No prompt or continuation today, just a fresh post. I’m feeling fiction.

The air is warm around me as I stretch before curling up again. My eyes feel heavy, lead eyelids weighing them down, as I drift in that quasi-conscious state. Jack is on the couch next to me, eyes intent on the movie. I try to wake myself up, doing the usual tricks like pinching my arm and holding my breath. They work, for a time, but five minutes later I’m back to being one step away from sleeping.

I feel his arm go around me, a soft chuckle as he pulls me against his chest and kisses the top of my head.

“Do you want to go to bed?”

“No I’m okay,” I mumble, nuzzling his chest and closing my eyes.

He gives me another kiss, letting his lips linger in my hair for a moment, lost in thought or the movie or maybe wondering if I switched shampoos. I drift away again, the movie distant background to the soothing rhythm of his heart and breath.

Next thing I know, his arms are gently pulling me upward.

“Come on, lazy bones, it’s bedtime.”

“No, but the movie-”

“Is over. Come on.”

He leads me to bed, turning down the covers while I rub my eyes and blink.

“Get in.”

“But I have to-”

“You have to go to bed and get some real sleep. Whatever it is can wait til morning, sweetie.”

I grumble as I climb under the covers, pulling them up to my chin. A moment later, he slides into bed next to me.

“Come here, noodle,” he says, opening his arms.

I snuggle up close, a happy noise escaping my lips as I get comfy against his chest.

“You’re the best,” I tell him.

“So you tell me,” he says, rubbing my shoulder. “Sweet dreams, love.”

I mumble something that sounds like sweet dreams, squeezing him tight as I fall asleep. 


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