Day 101

No D&D update today. Our paladin Constance is out of town, and the group may descend into evil without her stalwart guidance. Today will be a short post; I’m out of town for the weekend and need to get on the road soon. In honor of road trips…

Prompt: an isolated place.


The road winds into infinity ahead of me, distant cars reflecting the sun’s bright glow. I smile, tightening my grip on the wheel for a brief moment, feeling the sun on my fingers and letting the joy of the open road wash over me. Nothing like a good road trip.

I glance at the GPS, taking the time to marvel at how simple it is to get from A to B these days, trying not to be nostalgic for the atlas hiding in my trunk. Three hours to my destination. The music is quiet, too quiet, a soft album not matching my joviality.

“Ok, Google. Play Cage The Elephant.”

My phone beeps and thinks, electrons zipping, and the music changes. Technology, eh?

I lean back in my chair, stretching my back slightly and getting comfortable. The song is one of my favorites, and I belt it from my soul. What a wonderful afternoon 🙂


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