Day 100

WOO HOO! 100 days in and I’ve only missed 8(?). I’m calling that a victory. Today will be a reflection on the project (and my life) since January.


When I started the writing challenge in January, it was 99% about holding my dad accountable for writing at least a few words each day. I always enjoyed writing for pastime and reflection, but I never wrote regularly. For me, I wrote when the mood struck, which meant months between journal entries and a host of unfinished ideas or half-written stories.

The writing challenge is designed to make both of us write for 15-30min each day. That’s not very long, you think, I can give 15min to writing each day. It’s a deceptive amount of time. I am horrible at cutting myself off at 30min. I spend my whole day leading up to the writing thinking about the prompt and what I want to write about or where I want to take an existing post in part 2. By the time I start writing, 15min feels too short. It’s never enough time for me to get the words on the screen. Sometimes I keep writing for an hour or save a post and continue adding to it when I get home from work. Other times, I cheat and write part of my post for the next day, throwing a few hundred words in a draft and picking it up the next day.

I never expected to love the writing so much. When I missed that week, I felt like I was missing something in my day every time I couldn’t find the time to write and post. It has become such a cathartic part of my daily routine. The constant need for creativity each day has had a tremendous impact. I’ve become more creative at my job, in my D&D campaign, and in my everyday life. I’m more willing now to try new things and go on spontaneous adventures, always thinking “even if it sucks, it can still inspire my writing!”

The writing I do feels more cohesive than it did at the beginning. I’ve become better at plot, not spending thousands of words on character development. My worldbuilding is slowly improving (seen more through my D&D updates than my story writing [that world is crazy detailed these days]), and my plot hooks more nuanced. I feel comfortable sharing my writing with my friends and letting people read posts I don’t like. I never used to let anyone read my writing and on the rare exception, the writing had been polished and edited 15 times. Here, I never edit. I will fix spelling, but not content editing.

Thank you, readers, for sticking with the blog! I have had a blast these past 100 days. Here’s to 265 more!


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