Day 96

This is the second day of my D&D campaign update. Previous post: Day 95


In the late morning, our trio of adventurers heads to the main gate to Tereod. There, they hand the guard the note from Veltis. Gerald reads it over, knocking on the window to the guardhouse.

“We’ll be escorting you to and from the tavern,” he says as a young guard comes out. “If you try to elude the escort, warrants will immediately be issued for your arrest. We will wait outside the tavern while you meet with the Lady Veltis and Lord Immanuel. Any questions?”

While he talks, the young guard sketches quickly, creating images of each adventurer’s face in case a warrant needs to be issued. Once the young lad is done, Gerald nods to a group of four guards and ushers you through the gate. The guards take their positions, one on each side and two behind. Gerald leads the way.

The lower city is busy, the open market located straight ahead. As the group approaches the market, the road branches off left and right. To the right, the road slopes down towards what looks to be a residential area. The group moves to the left, heading slightly uphill. The scene changes from guard stations to lavish housing. Well-dressed city folk and children eye the group curiously, but they don’t look afraid.

The group travels for about 10 minutes before they see a sign for The Bonded Bow. The building is well-crafted with stacked stone blending with rich dark wood. The curtains are drawn across the windows, but light flickers behind. As they approach, the door is beautifully carved with an ornate rocker resting above a small sign: Open 16-2 daily.

Gerald knocks on the door, opened a moment later by a young female elf in an embroidered dress.

“Hello, Gerald. Are these the adventurers?”

“Aye, lady. We’ll wait here for them to finish meeting with the Lady Veltis?”

The elf nods. “I’ll have Kymil bring you all out some lunch. This way, please.” She gestures for the trio to enter.

Inside, the tavern is decadent, thick rugs giving way to a polished stone floor. Dark wooden tables are neatly arranged in the center, the walls holding private nooks. Over the bar hangs the bow Aymer and Elzenirecognize as the one Veltis had with her yesterday. The bar itself is made from carved marble and behind it is a male elf cleaning and stacking delicate glassware. He looks up when you enter, taking in the appearance of our adventurers with interest.

In one of the nooks, Veltis is sitting with a quill in hand, writing in a small leather journal, wearing red and white silk robes. Across from her sits a female drow wearing studded leather armor.

“Lady Veltis, the adventurers have arrived.”

“Oh, how wonderful! Thank you, Sarya. Would you be a dear and fetch Manny? He’s wandered off again. Oh and have Kymil serve lunch to the guards.”

“Of course, Lady.”

Sarya takes her leaving, stopping to talk with the elf behind the bar before disappearing through the door to the kitchen. Veltis motions for our adventurers to sit.

“I’m so glad you made it! I see you’ve brought a friend. Who might you be?” 

Gantar steps forward. “I am Gantar!” he exclaims with a flourish of his cape.

“What a delightful name! Tell me, Gantar, might you have dragon in your bloodline?”

“From many generations back, yes.”

“I come from a family also steeped in the arcane arts,” she tells him, smiling. “But how rude of me! Constance, these are the adventurers I told you about, Elzeni and Aymer. Manny will be here shortly. I think he was going to chop wood for the kitchen. Before we talk business, I believe lunch is in order.”

Sarya returns with a tray of delicate sandwiches, roast beef, fresh bread, an assortment of cheeses, and five glasses of pale wine. Veltis motions for everyone to eat, sipping her wine and thanking Sarya.

After a minute, a man comes through the kitchen door. His skin has naturally tanned skin and sharp brown eyes, black hair pulled back in a bun. He’s wearing a sleeveless white shirt under a leather vest, with dark trousers. The first thing the party notices is that his arms seem to be coated in shiny metal. As he gets closer, they realize that his arms are not coated in metal, but are in fact made of metal. He sits down next to Veltis, nodding to the party and downing a glass of water.

“Vel, we’re stocked for wood tonight. I assume these are the adventurers.”

“Oh stop being rude. Introduce yourself properly, darling.”

“My name is Immanuel Maria José Montoya Rodriguez. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Veltis has told me you are adventurers. Tell me a tale from your road.”

Gantar sets the scene, regaling the table with the tale of their fight with the bandits in the woods, embellishing enough to raise a few eyebrows. They finish the lunch in good cheer. After eating, Sarya clears the plates from the table. Veltis sips her wine.

“Now then. Manny and I are open to the idea of providing the three of you with the proper paperwork to gain entry to the lower city. Before we do so, we’d like to hire you for a job. Consider it a test of your mettle. There is unrest in the forest surrounding Tereod, some evil brewing at its heart. Constance has agreed to act as your leader for this mission. With her aid, find the evil in the forest and destroy it. Manny, anything to add?”

Immanuel nods, swallowing the last of his wine and facing our adventurers. “The quest before you is as much a test of heart as it is of mettle. Vel and I are sworn to protect this land and fight all evil, including the evil found in hearts of man. Do you understand?”

The trio exchange a look, Elzeni twisting her head as she feels something brush against her mind. Veltis breaks the silence, rolling her eyes at Immanuel. 

“You’re so melodramatic, dear. Now, Manny and I are leaving tonight. Unfortunately, there is a ceremony I must oversee on my home world. We’ll be back in a couple of days. In the meantime, Constance will be your contact within the city. I’ve allocated her temple a budget for any supplies you might need for your foray into the forest. Any questions?”

“Do you know where the evil in the forest is stemming from?” Elzeni asks.

“Sadly, no. That would make this easier, wouldn’t it? I feel it deep within the forest. Look for where game is gone, where the vegetation dies for no reason. Evil will be nearby. Any other questions?”

Our group of adventurers shake their heads.

“If we are all agreed on the arrangement, it is customary on my world to share a drink. Sarya, dear, the drinks?”

Sarya comes over carrying a tray with six small ceramic cups and a ceramic flask. Veltis pours out a purple liquid into each of the cups, then raises hers in a toast.

“To new partnerships!”

They clink cups and drink, the sweet liquid leaving a warm trail as it settles. They have a round of fine ale to finish out the discussion before Veltis and Immanuel plead off that they must get to packing for their trip. When the group emerges from the tavern, Gerald is waiting.

He nods to Constance. “Constance. Are we ready to go?”


Ran long today, sorry! Only one part left to go, which I’ll post tomorrow!


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