Day 95

Time for another D&D recap! Since it’s a 3-hour session, I’ll be splitting the update into a couple posts. The previous update (Day ???) was way too long. I’ll try to keep the updates to 500-600 words.


Elzeni and Aymer, after their adventure in the woods and the strange encounter with Veltis, are back at The Rusty Bucket, drinking and waiting for Alyn. Storm still hasn’t been seen, all of his stuff having vanished. Gantar has also not been seen, leading the duo to wonder if something happened. 

Gantar left with the guards, telling them all the details of his robbery. The guards took his statement and gave him a small purse of silver to tide him over. After their shift end, they cracked open a bottle of whiskey, inviting Gantar to join them for a night of heavy drinking. He awoke in the late afternoon, slumped in an alley, dirty but otherwise fine. Just as Elzeni and Aymer consider looking for him, he stumbles through the door to The Rusty Bucket. 

While the trio waits for Alyn, a half-elf messenger comes into The Rusty Bucket. He heads to the bar and flags down Braedyn. They exchange a few words before Braedyn nods at our party of adventurers. The messenger comes over.

“Might you be Elzeni and Aymer? I have a message from the Lady Veltis.”

They affirm their identities, and the courier hands them a sealed note:

blog img letter

They agree that this might be the best way to acquire the necessary paperwork for Tereod. The trio has another round, discussing what they will tell Alyn before heading upstairs to talk with him.

Inside their rented room, Alyn is waiting in one of the chairs. He sits up as they enter, nodding.

“Any progress on getting into Tereod?”

“Possibly,” Elzeni tells him, showing him the note from Veltis.

He reads the note, nodding.

“I scouted the wall around Tereod last night. It’s well-lit and aptly guarded; there’s no way to sneak over it. That being said, there might be a way to sneak into Tereod through the sewers. I saw three drow disappearing down a grate. A guard spotted me before I could follow them.”

He pauses for a moment, looking at the door nervously.

“It’s not safe for me to stay in town. I eluded the guard last night, but I don’t want to tempt my luck. I’ll stay here tonight and guard your rooms, but I will wait in the woods while you complete this mission from Lady Veltis.”

“Is there a way we can get in contact with you? Will you be able to tell where we are?” Elzeni asks him.

He hesitates. “I have an unnatural way I can track people, but it’s no curse you’d want over your head. Be careful while you’re in town. As soon as you leave the outer town, I will know and I will find you.”

He leans back, the chair creaking under his weight. “Be careful tomorrow. Nobles can be a tricky bunch. If you can’t gain entry to Tereod with the help of Veltis, we’ll try the sewers. I can make it through alone, but moving quietly as a party might be… challenging.”

They agree, calling it a night and dozing off. Alyn sits near the door, keeping it unlocked, slowly turning his wedding ring. Half an hour before dawn, he wakes Elzeni, nodding a goodbye as he slips out the window.


I’ll continue the update tomorrow!


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