DD 92

Retirement:  When to get out of bed?  Three options:

#1:  I got out of bed at 4 on work days which meant a head start, almost as if I was sneaking  onto the track before everyone else and was 2 miles down the road before the day’s race began. Rising that early, I was able to check my email, revise my plans, make the coffee, feed the cats, walk the dog, make an omelette, shower, check the ball scores, and stare into the still-darkened sky for bright planets and passing planes, all in space that I occupied alone. But II no longer fear falling behind before the day starts, and rising at 4 AM would be fueled by lingering, outdated panic.  

#2  My body would seem to be know how much sleep it needs and perhaps alarm clocks should be turned off in retirement. However, rising at 8, after a third of the day has passed, two hours into the sun’s arc, well after the birds have completed their morning concert, is too guilt-inducing..

#3   The solution is the middle ground, halfway between fear and guilt–six A.M.


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