DD 91

Great description from Jess Walter in OVER TUMBLED GRAVES:  “She looked up at Blanton and Mcdaniel, physical opposites angled across from each other at the big conference table:  McDaniel tall, tanned, and buff; Blanton short, squat, and pale, like he’d come out of a can.”  

Walter gets so much done with that sentence, setting the scene, introducing the characters, and getting off a great simile.  There are only two verbs (other than in the simile):  looked and angled, but there is so much action–stationary action, if there is such a thing, but action neverthless.  And Walter draws a physical contrast between two characters that are utter opposites, as the story makes clear elsewhere, in every other way as well.  And he finishes it with that great description of someone appearing to come out of a can which is obvious enough to be seen but yet ambiguous enough to be surprising.


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