Day 87

Sunday, I ran an introductory campaign for a new D&D group, so for my Sunday writing, I’m posting the character backstories for the sample characters I created. I’m almost caught up! Sorry about all the delays!


Frankie Lewack – Male Forest Gnome Wizard

I was accepted into the local wizard guild at the age of 11, plagued by visions of grandeur. My eagerness to be the very best like no one ever was lead to my ultimate exile. When I was 15, I convinced three of my classmates to perform a summoning ritual. The ritual went awry, the demon escaping and killing my peers. I managed to end the ritual and banish the demon before it killed me, but the guild blamed me for my classmate’s deaths. The penalty for killing a wizard was death; I fled into the woods. I spent years alone in the forest, harnessing the arcane powers in this world, returning only when the loneliness was close to driving me mad.

I have set off on the road now under a fake name, afraid of being found by members of my old guild. I seek knowledge, adventure, and the companionship of others, hoping one day to do enough good to clear my name in history’s tomes.


Svarth Ironarm – Female Variant Human Barbarian

I grew up on the plains in a nomadic barbarian clan, training and building my strength from a young age. When I was 14, I earned my title Ironarm by defeating the reigning arm wrestling champion. It’s a title I hold dear to my heart and boast about profusely; I’m always looking to challenge the strongest person in the room. When I turned 18, I left the clan, seeking adventure on the road. Alone on the road, I was set upon by bandits. They stole everything I owned, including the greataxe my father gave me when I left. I will do whatever it takes to hunt them down and take it from their bloody, dead hands.

When I reached civilization again, I fell in with a loosely-moraled crowd to make back the money that was stolen from me. I worked as a bouncer, a pit fighter, a cartel enforcer, fence guard, you name it. My resume is colorful at best. Now, I’m on the road looking to make some coin while I track down the bandits that have my axe…


Malya Carsatra – Female Half-elf Ranger

I come from a nomadic tribe that wanders the grasslands, following the herds and protecting the land from encroaching civilization. I was a strong hunter from a young age, going out with the hunting parties and bringing back game to feed the tribe. Adept with the bow, I was recruited to be part of the warrior faction when I turned 16, venturing out ahead of the tribe and eliminating threats. When I turned 18, while out on a hunt, I was struck with a vision: my tribe, dead; the lands I protect, burned; across the land, demonic beasts roamed. I told the tribe elder of my vision. His face was grave, and after much deliberation, I was sent out into civilization.

Now, I travel the lands looking for answers, for anyone who can tell me how to prevent the future I saw. I will do anything to save my people and this land. No one will stand in my way.


Marlo Bratiano – Male Stout Halfling Fighter

I grew up the oldest of 5 children, learning responsibility and the need for authority at a young age. I helped my parents care for my siblings, working any job the townsfolk would let me to make extra coin. When I turned 16, my father took me aside, thanking me for all that I had done. He told me it was time for me to make my own mark on the world, to be part of a bigger cause. He gave me strong purpose and a good heart; I will always help those in need because of him.

I traveled to the nearest city and joined the army there. I served my time well, creating lasting bonds with my fellow soldiers. They saved my hide more than I’d care to admit. Now, having served my time, I travel the road looking for injustice and righting wrongs.


Travistus Firewind – Female Dragonborn Sorcerer

I come from a small family of traveling entertainers, the only dragonborn family in the troupe. My parents made their living on the road, creating flames and performing acrobatic tricks through the inferno. My twin brother and I grew up as performers, tumbling as kids, selling tickets, and helping the performers with costuming. When I turned 13, I began to perform with the group, doing comedic acts with my brother. One night during our performance, as I reached to catch my brother, arcane energy streaked from my hand. My brother was badly injured and no longer able to perform. I left that night.

Now, I travel from town to city to town, seeking control over the arcane power inside me. One day I will return to my troupe and restore my brother.


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