Day 85/86

D&D campaign update time! Last session. From our 4/20/2017 session…


Alyn stands, stretching and testing his newly-formed scars.

“I’ll tell you what I know as we walk,” he tells our adventurers, moving back toward the road. 

“Azaeryth is the name of the succubus that killed me. I found her name during my time in the Abyss, and now that I’m… ‘alive,’ I can feel her always. She is close to crossing the veil into this world.

As we travel closer to Tereod, I can feel her presence growing stronger. Her current mark has to be in Tereod, but I don’t know who it is or what her objective might be. Each soul she claims makes her a stronger demon, but the fact that she’s targeting someone in so prominent a city troubles me.”

Alyn is quiet for a moment, letting the information settle in.

“Thoughts?” he asks.

The party discusses how they might find the mark, careful to not express difficulty at the problem Alyn’s visage poses. It will be hard to move him through the city looking as he does. They settle on a plan to ask around the outer town for anyone complaining of strange dreams.

They continue walking through the night, Alyn once again pulling his cloak around tight as the sun rises. Throughout the day, they pass a couple more merchants, this time heading away from Tereod, before reaching the outer town at dusk.

There are a few guards along the main road, keeping watch. They all wear the same armor: chainmail with a dark brown tunic bearing the emblem of the town (two silver coins). Aymer spots a blacksmith’s sign, leading the group there. The store is closed for the night, and the group huddles outside it determining their plan. Alyn shifts nervously as the patrolling guards pass close to the group. 

“Let’s get inside before we find trouble.”

On the main road, the party finds an inn and tavern called The Rusty Bucket. Alyn waits outside, slinking into an alley, sliding a gold into Elzeni’s hand and asking her to get him a room to hide in.

“Crowds make me nervous since…” He gestures to his chest, bluish skin covered in scars. “I’ll wait here until you secure a room for me.”

Inside The Rusty Bucket, the patrons are rowdy, a jaunty tune playing from the far corner. Off to the right, two half-naked men fist fight in a sandy pit, the patrons cheering. A small halfling is taking bets in a book almost as big as he is. The party makes their way to the bar, eyeing the patrons. 

“Hello, travelers!” the barkeep exclaims. “What can I get ye?”

“Barkeep!” Gantar exclaims. “I’ll have your most expensive drink!”

The barkeep is a dwarf with brown hair and a thick, braided beard. His cheeks are red with the drink as he pours the finest dwarven whiskey for Gantar and ales for the rest of group.

“Name’s Braedyn and that,” he says, gesturing to the human woman working at the other end of the bar, “is Elyssia. Just holler if you need anything.”

The party breaks off, Aymer investigating the fights while Storm plays cards with the locals. Gantar drinks at the bar, watching as Elzeni negotiates for two rooms. She pays for her meal and half the room, leaving the other keys with Braedyn before heading upstairs.

The room is cozy, two full-sized beds separated by a window. Nodding, Elzeni heads out of the tavern, disappearing into the alley to find Alyn. She points out the room’s window to him, asking if he’d like anything else.

“This should be fine,” he says before scaling the wall.

Perched next to the window, he gently slides it open before ducking inside, closing it softly behind him. Elzeni heads back into the tavern, eating a quick meal of ham and potatoes before retiring. 

In the room, Alyn sits up as Elzeni enters.

“Azaeryth is close,” he tells her. “Her mark is somewhere in the upper city. We’ll need to find some way of getting inside the walls. The security in Tereod is… stricter than many cities. We’ll either need papers to get past the main gate guards or find a way to sneak in. For now, take the night off. Rest up. I’m going to scout out the wall. Tomorrow, we’ll start planning.”

Elzeni wishes him luck as he disappears out the window, stretching and getting into bed. Downstairs, Aymer warms up for a fight, his number called in the ring. He dons the leggings and hand wraps, watching his opponent warily.

“Ladies and gents,” the halfling yells, “we’ve got a new fighter: Aymer the Elf!”

There’s a chorus of boos and jeers, the patrons waiting to see their champion.

“Tonight he’ll be facing a man you all know and love… Salty Pete!”

A grizzled older man steps out from between the crowd as cheers erupt. While wiry, he moves with the lithe quickness of an old sailor. As Aymer steps into the ring, he catches the faintest whiff of saltwater.

“I’ve loaded barrels with more muscle than you,” Salty Pete taunts, spitting in the sand next to Aymer.

It’s a short fight, both bloodied and bruised by the time Salty Pete scores a massive hit to Aymer, knocking him unconscious. The crowd goes wild, jumping and hollering, as two burly men lift Aymer out of the pit. Asking Gantar, they take him upstairs to the room Elzeni is sleeping in, knocking on the door.

Elzeni opens the door groggily, watching as the two men unceremoniously dump Aymer onto the open bed. They hand her a small slip of paper, indicating it’s for Aymer, before heading back down to the fights. Elzeni sighs, placing her hand on Aymer’s shoulder and letting Bahamut’s healing magic flow through her.

Now healed, Aymer heads back down to the bar, sullenly drinking at the bar after claiming his fighter winnings from Braedyn. Gantar and Storm drink with him, both quiet after losing money on the fight. After a couple rounds, they call it a night, settling tabs and heading upstairs.

It’s a quiet night, the group sleeping soundly until about 2am. Storm feels something as he rolls over, eyes blearily opening to see the startled face of a dark-skinned elf, hand outstretched toward Storm’s coin purse. There’s a moment of silence before they both spring into action, grabbing for the nearest weapons. The commotion wakes Gantar, sleeping just a few feet away, who opens his eyes in time to see another elf tucking his money into a satchel.

There’s a scuffle in the room, Storm leaping up and crossing rapiers with the would-be thief while Gantar sends an arcane blast into the elf currently escaping with his coin purse. As Gantar stands, a small crossbow bolt slams into his shoulder, the shooter disappearing behind the frame of the door. Storm lets out a bellow, waking Elzeni and Aymer in the room across the hall.

Elzeni rushes to the door while Aymer struggles to re-don his armor. In the hall, she sees two dark-skinned elves, both with small satchels bearing the symbol of two dice and a dagger. She lets fly a bolt, hitting one of the elves in the thigh. They turn, eyes widening as they see her, before a bubble of magical darkness envelopes the entire hallway. There’s a stunned silence for a moment, the sound of footsteps spurring our group once more into action.

Elzeni, Gantar, and Storm rush into the darkness, relying on sound to try and navigate after the thieves. They hear a window open and close, cursing as they dash toward the sound. Aymer, armor (mostly) donned, rushes into the hallway, seeing the magical darkness ahead. He heads towards the stairs, hoping to make his way outside before the thieves disappear.

Elzeni, Gantar, and Storm manage to find their way out of the darkness, rushing to the window at the end of the hall. They leap out of it, landing in the alley below. To their left, the alley ends in the bright lights of the main street; to the right, it continues into darkness. Acting quickly, Elzeni and Storm run to the right, hoping to catch the thieves. Gantar heads to the main road, looking for guards.

Meanwhile, Aymer gets to the stairs, dismayed to see that three drunks are blocking his way down. He yells for them to move, leaping down the stairs. Stunned and impaired, they watch as Aymer barrels into the nearest man, sending the poor bloke tumbling down the stairs. Aymer pauses for a moment, long enough for the nearest man to angrily punch him in the face.

“Oy! You’ve hit Barry!”

Aymer shakes off the punch, continuing down the stairs, leaping over Barry at the bottom. As he leaps, Barry rolls, knocking Aymer off balance and sending him spilling onto the floor. He’s up in a flash, now having drawn the attention of nearby bar patrons. They look confused and angry, moving closer as Barry rolls on the ground. The man who punched Aymer rounds the staircase.

“Git back here, elf! No one messes with Barry and lives!”

In the alley, Storm and Elzeni call it, the thieves having vanished into the night. The two begin making their way back toward the tavern. Gantar, meanwhile, rushes up to two of the local guards, telling them he’s been robbed by dark-skinned elves with white hair. The two guards exchange a knowing look, taking Gantar by the arm.

“Aye, lad. Come to the guardhouse and we’ll take a statement. Have a feeling I know who’s responsible.”

Inside the tavern, Aymer watches as the crowd closes around him, making a desperate attempt to leap over the nearest man. The man grabs Aymer’s ankle as he leaps, causing them both to spill to the ground. As Aymer disentangles himself, Elzeni and Storm enter the tavern, eyes widening as they see the impending bar fight.

“Whoah! Fellas!” Storm calls out, raising his hands. “I apologize for our friend here. He’s not all there in the head. Allow me to make up for his wrongs with a round for the house.”

The bar patrons pause, taking in the appearance of Aymer. Clad only in leather pants, his hair is a wild mess from the fight, eyes darting nervously. They believe Storm’s tale, nodding and backing away, heading to the bar to claim their ale. Aymer apologizes to Barry before being escorted upstairs by Elzeni and Storm, both of whom promise to keep an eye on him. No sign of Gantar, they sigh and head back to bed, making sure to lock their windows and hide their coin purses…


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