DD 87

Teenagers are not herd animals.

From a distance–from far away, say from parenthood,

They look as if they rush, sheep-like, Or lemming-like to the newest trend

But that’s the view from too high up:

That may be a projection by adults who themselves have a large community to negotiate:  family, neighbors, co-workers, customers, patients, students, and membership, all of which require negotiation and compromise,e lements unknown in any real way to teenagers who have not yet broadened into membership in a tribe or clan or group or sect or political entity;

Instead, they belong to a self-selected, intensely concentrated faction.

A subset of a subset of a subset that samples aspects of larger cultures but that defines itself by what it is not, and what it is not is everything else

and that is what makes it so delicious.

So electric.

So ephemeral–that time in life when only those who have to be pleased are others in the faction…

The community to which they belong is wonderfully narrow.



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