Day 81

I am hoping to catch up on all my writing soon! It’s been a crazy couple weeks for me.

Prompt: Nothing changes or nothing had changed (open-ended).


I wake up to beeping, groggily reaching toward the sound. My hand smacks the coffee table, a cold sharp pain that jars me fully awake. The TV is cycling through the default slideshow, screen dimmed as it ticks closer to automatically shutting down. My phone beeps again, the low battery light blinking. I turn the screen on, opening the text from Brian.

Fell asleep, I see. Some things never change 😛

I smile and text him back. Oops. Sorry! Long day 😦 reschedule for tomorrow?

The couch is warm, making it hard to get up. I take the blanket it with me, wrapping up like a burrito and brushing my teeth. I plug my phone in and crawl under the covers, rolling over so I can’t see the alarm clock. I’ll never sleep if I see the minutes ticking by.

In a blink, it’s morning, my alarm breaking the silence, loud music blaring in the dark. I roll over, groaning, eyes squinting at the bright screen. It’s too damn early, I think, mind struggling to compute the math problem my phone is requiring. I get it right on the fourth try, flopping back onto my pillow and staring at the ceiling for a moment before sliding out of bed.

Time for another day.


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