Day 80

I’m backlogged! Here is Day 80’s reflection.


I’ve been struggling lately with expressing negative emotions, and I would like to examine that in today’s reflection. We’re biologically wired to not seek confrontation, a defense mechanism from the early days where getting kicked out of the group meant certain death. Overcoming the apprehension of sharing negative emotions with friends is a hurdle that I have been working on over the past few months, and progress has been hard.

For me, delivering the bad news or negative feeling requires tricky wording. I tend to not always think before I speak, making a lot of my feedback seem more brusque than I intend it to. It’s a hard habit to break since it involves me not thinking before speaking, but I’ve been practicing a few strategies:

  • Recognize when I am in a mood that could lead to negative comments (tired, stressed out, busy, irritated, etc.)
  • Carefully choose my words whenever I speak so I’m in the habit of thinking first
  • Keep a schedule with organized breaks (I get really stressed if I don’t have enough downtime to process my emotions and actions)
  • Take a walk or write a journal entry during lunch (this helps me process the first half of my day and keep me from getting too stressed out)

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