Day 78/79

Update from the D&D campaign. This week’s session was A Dangerous Road.


Our adventurers set out for Tereod at sundown, ignoring the advice of the local guards to not travel at night. The guards tell them that the trip to Tereod takes two days on foot. The road is wide, designed for carts, and they travel uneventfully for about an hour.

As they walk, Elzeni and Storm notice some rustling in the bushes. It could be an animal, but the group is leery from their time in Vrazen Marsh. As they round a bend in the road, an arrow goes whizzing over Storm’s head, two fighters hopping out from behind the rocks on either side of the road.

The group springs into action, rushing forward into the combat. Aymer takes aim at the archer, disappearing into the bushes on the side of the road as he lines up a shot. Elzeni and Gantar prepare their magic, arcane energy crackling in the air around them. Storm slips off the road, preparing to flank.

It’s a tough fight, the archer picking away at the group while avoiding Aymer’s shots. Gantar and Elzeni team up on one of the fighters, the second fighter ducking back behind the rocks. Aymer eventually gets a shot on the archer, taking him down with an arrow through the neck. As Elzeni and Gantar take down the first fighter, Storm gets flanked by the second fighter. Just as the fighter is about to strike, he freezes. A black blade pushes out of his chest before he is bisected swiftly, Alyn offering a hand to Storm.

“Is everyone alright?” he asks, helping the rogue up.

The party nods, collecting trinkets from the corpses of the bandits. Alyn stacks the bodies together, muttering something in Druidic before setting them alight with blue flame.

“They may have been scum,” he says, “but they still had souls. All souls deserve a proper burial.”

The party continues walking down the road to Tereod. As dawn is about to break, Alyn pulls his cloak around tight, hood going up to hide his face. He walks at the back of the party, trying to be as inconspicuous as a man of his size can be. They pass a few merchant caravans, guards eyeing the party warily. Alyn looks nervous as the party passes the caravans, sort of shuffling towards the tree line.

When it reaches late afternoon, Alyn clears his throat and asks if the party needs to rest. He will keep watch, not needing sleep. They make camp off the road in a clearing, eating rations before bedding down for a rest.

As the sun is setting, the party wakes to Alyn bellowing. Looking around blearily, they see him standing, an arrow sticking out of his heart. His eyes are glowing and eery blue in the low light, his greatsword once again shimmering with that dark energy.

“Show yourself, cowards!” he yells into the evening.

From the foliage bursts a half-orc flanked by two humans. A half-elf is behind a tree, peeking out to shoot Alyn once more, another arrow burying itself into his chest. He roars, raising his sword in challenge, seemingly unperturbed by the arrows. 

The party jumps up, weapons coming out just as the fighters reach them. Gantar takes a hit as he pulls out his longsword, a moment too late to parry. His side cut deeply, Storm dashes to his side, slicing the attacker from behind. Elzeni takes aim at the archer in the back, Aymer preoccupied with the fighter facing off in front of him.

The half-orc slams his axe into Alyn’s back, a sickening crunch as it slices through the heavy cloak. Elzeni fires a bolt into the half-orc’s shoulder, distracting him for a moment. A moment is all Alyn needs, turning with righteous fury and slicing the half-orc’s arm off. He grabs the wound, sliding sluggishly to the ground under Alyn’s glowing gaze.

Storm stabs at the fighter, dodging the fire Gantar summons to burn his attacker. Aymer cuts a clean wound across his attacker’s chest, looking around for the archer that’s still firing from the woods. Alyn takes another arrow, his gaze turning toward the archer. In a blur of motion, he’s upon the archer, punching the half-elf into the ground. Gantar cuts the fighter in front of him down as Aymer does the same, turning just in time to see Alyn’s fist cave in the archer’s face.

There’s a moment of quiet after the scuffle before Alyn turns, walking back towards the camp. He pulls the arrows out, throwing them to the ground as his wounds begin to stitch back together, black energy swirling.

“Is everyone alright?” he asks, bending to search the body of the half-orc.

The party nods, looking for clues and collecting trinkets from the bandits. Alyn holds out a strange token he found on the half-orc’s body.

“Has anyone seen this symbol before?”

The coin has two greataxes crossed with a skull above them: test


The party sits down, catching their breath for a good ten minutes. Alyn’s wounds finish knitting back together, forming gnarly scars. As the party sits gathering their strength for the rest of the journey, Alyn sighs.

“Now,” he says. “Let’s talk about how we’re going to kill Azaeryth.”


Thanks for reading and wish our adventurers luck this week!


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