Day 77

Since I had a short writing yesterday, I’m going to continue it today. Prompt: everything changes or everything had changed.


My father is quiet for a moment, studying my face. He looks remarkably the same, like no time has passed, like this whole place is sealed in time.

“Hello, Jane,” he says, stepping to the side and gesturing for me to join him.

I step forward awkwardly, a strange side-shuffle as I try to both move through the door and introduce David.

“This is David, Dad.”

“Is he your boyfriend?”

“Well, no, actually he’s my husband.”

There’s a pregnant pause, my father looking hard at David. After a moment, my father steps farther to the side, gesturing for David to enter the house.

“Join us, David. You’re family after all.”

We gather in the foyer, my father releasing the door to slide shut, driven by unseen forces. I shift the weekend bag on my shoulder, wrapping my arms around my torso cunconsciously, defensive already.

“How have you and mom been?”

He turns to me with that slow, eery turn he’s always had. “We have been quite well. And yourself?”

I open my mouth, words failing me, stunned by his cavalier response. Twenty years and he acts like it’s been a weekend getaway. I don’ t know what I expected.

“Well, Dad, a lot has happened in the twenty years it’s been since I saw you last.”

“Has it been that long? Time flies, I suppose.”

I sigh, taking David by the hand and starting up the stairs. “We’re going to unpack and get settled, Dad.”

He nods absently. “Will you be staying long, dear?”

“That depends.”

“Should I prepare any… festivities for tonight?” He looks pointedly at David.

I nod slowly and he smiles, long incisors catching in the light. What a celebration it will be…


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