Day 76

Prompt: Everything changes or everything had changed.


The house loomed on the hill above, imposing even at this distance, as regal as I remembered. I watched the house as David drove up the twisting driveway. The windows were curtained, unusual for this time of year, and I wondered for the fiftieth time this morning if visiting home was a good idea.

David parks in the driveway behind an SUV I don’t recognize. I step out of the car slowly, looking for any sign of life inside the house. Upstairs, a curtain seems to move, perhaps by a draft or by someone watching. Brow furrowed, I walk toward the house, absently taking my weekend bag from David. The sidewalk to the door seems to stretch endlessly across the lawn, a winding path that seems foreign after how long I’ve been gone.

David squeezes my shoulder, lightly prompting me forward. I step carefully, like the ground might melt away at any moment, waiting for someone to come bursting out the door and yell at me that I’m not welcome, that I’ll never be welcome again. I’m afraid they meant all the things they said 20 years ago, that the hatred and hostility remain untarnished.

I knock on the door, glancing nervously at David, my heart a staccato beat. Time stretches out, hour-like seconds passing as I hear the shuffle of feet inside. When the door finally cracks open, I feel my stomach drop out, like I’m on a roller coaster that goes down for infinity. My own personal hell. 

“Hello, Dad. Long time no see.”

Sorry for the short post! Today was a non-stop go day for me, so I bid you all adieu. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to add to this piece tomorrow. Cheers!


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