Day 73

Yesterday I did a reflection piece, which I always debate sharing since they’re more for helping me organize my thoughts than a writing exercise. For the sake of getting better at sharing, here’s what I wrote:


I’ve made a lot of personal progress since the start of the year, both in terms of being more open about myself and developing new friendships. Some days I feel like I’ve grown stagnant, that I’ve stopped making progress, that I’ve reached a point where it’s okay to say “good enough” and call it. The daily writing has helped a lot in terms of giving me a creative outlet to channel energy into, energy I would have previously used for playing video games or working.

Part of the change is the adjustment to switching jobs back in July. This job freed up a lot of free time for me to reflect and begin dealing with all the emotional stress I’d been suppressing for three years in my previous job. Free time means more time for socializing, being with my family, and hobbies. Ironically, I sometimes feel like I have less free time now than I did with the 80-hr work weeks of teaching. It’s an illusion, definitely, since that time is being used for socializing.

I still have goals for personal development, but I am happy. I always thought happiness was something that you had to work toward for a long time, getting the best job, house, car, relationship, etc. For me, it was more that I didn’t realize I was happy until I stopped to look at my life. It’s a relief, honestly, to be constantly worrying about being happy or trying to make others happy. If I’m honest with myself and those around me, the happiness is already there.


Like I said, ramblings that helped me sort through some emotions yesterday. Thanks for reading! I’ll be back on track with prompt writing this afternoon 🙂


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