Day 72

Today is a continuation of Day 71; our D&D adventure continues…


Gwil sits on Aymer’s pack, whispering directions in his ear. The party travels for about two hours before the marsh starts growing dark. On Gwil’s advice, they set up camp and eat leftover nuts and berries, settling in for the night. They set up a watch schedule before bedding down.

About four hours into the night, during Aymer’s watch, he is startled into action by the raking of hot claws across his back. He shouts, waking the other members of his party, turning to face… steam? The steam swirls and coalesces into a small, vaguely humanoid shape. Kicking it back, Aymer notches an arrow and backs up, shooting through the misty being. Gwil shakes off the sleep, holding his small arm out as vines spring up from the ground, magically wrapping around the steam being, keeping it anchored in place as it screams in a shrill language.

Water slides together, forming behind Gantar, acidic claws raking deep across his back as he shakes the sleep from his mind. Elzeni fires a crossbow bolt at the steam mephit, the bolt slowing as it passes through the form. Storm slides behind the steam monster, rapier sliding deep into its shoulder. The being shrieks, slashing wildly and knocking Gantar down, unconscious. Another water mephit forms together behind Elzeni, acidic claws skittering of the cleric’s armor.

Aymer takes aim at the steam creature, exhaling and firing into its face, the steam pulling together before violently exploding. Storm and Gwil cover their eyes as hot droplets of water rain down on them. The water mephit finds purchase on Elzeni as she pulls Gantar back from the brink of death, holy magic streaming through her fingers as she helps him up. Gwil blinks out of sight, clutching his side as blood seeps through his small fingers. Aymer fires an arrow into the mephit behind Gantar as Elzeni slams her axe into the one behind her. They shriek and hiss, acidic water spraying from their hands, burning everything it touches. Gantar, composure regained, sends scorching rays at each of them, obliterating the one advancing on him. Aymer shoots the last mephit through the eye, Elzeni and Gantar taking cover as both mephits violently explode, raining acid on them.

The party gathers its composure, taking inventory of their wounds. Elzeni clutches her amulet of Bahamut, calling on the strength of the platinum dragon to heal her companions. Healing energy radiates in the air around the party, their wounds slowly healing and fading, leaving no scars. Gwil materializes, fluttering over to Elzeni and, to the best of his ability, thanking her.

Dawn isn’t far off, the party too energized to sleep. They begin trekking once again toward the town, alert for any signs of danger. Elzeni calls a globe of light forward, illuminating the air around the party, scaring the shadows back into hiding. It’s a peaceful journey.

The party travels for another two hours before they reach the outskirts of the town, the sun just peaking out. Gwil thanks them for saving the oasis and his life, waving as the party enters the town before vanishing. The party gathers their strength, popping into the Misty Moon Tavern as they wait to talk to Illara.

When the hour seems appropriate, they knock on the herbalist’s door, shoulders heavy with the burden of the news they’ve been asked to deliver. Illara answers, flinging the door open in a hurry when she recognizes them.

“I was beginning to worry the marsh claimed you! Did you find him? Did you find my Alyn?”

Elzeni looks down, pulling out the amulet Alyn gave her. “I’m sorry, Illara, but he’s dead.”

Illara is quiet, stepping back into the shop and sitting down. “I knew it was dangerous to hope. You’re sure it was him that you found?”

Elzeni nods, placing the amulet on the counter for Illara to see. Illara takes it up, holding it in shaking hands.

“We should have left as soon as the nightmares started. Oh, Alyn…”

A few tears escape before she pulls herself together, wiping the tears away hastily. “I’m sorry. Here, as we agreed upon. Thank you for putting my mind at rest. It’s better to know than live with the hope that he’ll return.”

She places four coin purses on the counter, sliding them across to each party member.

“What will you do now?” Elzeni asks.

“I don’t know,” Illara replies with a sad laugh. “I was so sure he was still alive. I don’t know if I can stay here without him. I might visit my sister for awhile, see if the magic of her temple can help me heal.”

She’s quiet for a moment, slowly stroking the amulet. “I know it’s terribly rude of me after all you have done, but I would like to be alone right now. Thank you for everything, friends.”

The party nods, offering their sympathies one last time before leaving. Gathering back in the tavern, they quietly sip at ale, each lost in thoughts of mortality and loss.

After lunch, Elzeni and Aymer venture over to Tobias’, knocking on the rickety door. There’s a crash inside and the scurry of footsteps before Tobias opens the door.

“Oh! Friends! If this is about that amulet, I want you to know I have it securely shielded. It won’t be causing ‘hauntings’ anymore.”

“That’s good, Tobias,” Elzeni says. “We’ve come seeking knowledge about demons.”

Tobias ushers them into his parlor, once again rushing off to make tea. When he returns, he pours them each a cup before settling into one of the oversized chairs.

“What type of demons are you wanting to learn about?”

“We’re looking for anything about the weaknesses of a succubus demon.”

“A succubus you say. My my! I wouldn’t be fond of meeting one of those creatures. Let me see what I can dig up.”

He disappears into the repository, leaving Elzeni and Aymer to sip tea for almost 15 minutes. When he returns, he’s carrying a giant book almost half the size of his halfling frame.

“I’m afraid,” he says, plunking the book down on the coffee table, “that I can’t help you too much. I have some writings from a wizard that fought a succubus a couple centuries ago. According to him, they have no real weaknesses and are very hard to hurt without magical weapons. They are, of course, resistant to fire and able to charm even the stoutest of souls. Are you planning on fighting a succubus?”

“It’s a favor for a friend,” Elzeni says, setting her teacup down and standing. “Thank you for your help, Tobias.”

They shake hands, Elzeni paying him for the information before ushering Aymer out the door. They swing by Balian’s Baubles on the way back to the tavern, the shopkeeper cheerful to see them returned in one piece from the marsh.

“Hello, friends! What can I help you with?”

“Hello, Balian. We’re leaving Vrazen Glade soon and are on the hunt for magical weapons. Do you happen to know a shopkeeper in Tereod that might deal in such items?”

“Hmm… I would go to Friseal. He’s an odd fellow, but he owns a wonderful little shop in the lower city. Tell him Balian sent you and he’ll give you a good deal. Is there anything you’ll be needing for the trip?”

“No, thank you. We’ll be sure to come visit you again someday.”

They take their leave and meet up with the rest of the party in the tavern. After a light dinner, the party prepares for their departure, the weight of their quest heavy on their minds…


Thanks for reading along with their campaign. Wish our adventurers luck as they play again on Thursday!


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