Day 65

Today I will be recapping the D&D session from Thursday.

When we last left our adventurers, they were in Vrazen Marsh, searching for the herbalist Illara’s lost husband, Alyn. While searching, they were set upon by a swamp hag, an evil crone that tried to kill them. After escaping from the crone (but sadly not killing her), the crew camped for the night, hoping for better luck finding Alyn in the morning…

Our adventurers wake in the morning, a little stiff from the squishy ground, but no worse for wear. The marsh is eerie, quiet and still in the dim light. After eating a quick breakfast, they set off toward the red X on the map found in Ethel’s cave.

They travel for almost two hours through the marsh, the air dead and quiet around them. As they draw near the area of the red X, the fauna begins to change. The dreary dark of the marsh fades into bright sunlight. The plants look more alive, brightly colored and lush in this oasis. Gantar tests the air, sensing the presence of fey magic in the area.

In a small clearing, they find a dead campfire with three bedrolls in a state of disarray. While investigating the campsite, the ground beneath them begins to twist and warp, vines springing up from the ground to wrap around their legs and arms. From a nearby bush, a writhing,vaguely humanoid mass of vines emerges, a cluster shooting out to wrap around Aymer, crushing him. He manages to break free before the vines turns his insides to jelly, pulling his bow and loosing an arrow.

As the arrow buries  into what might be the neck of this creature, causing it to shriek painfully in a language none understand. Elzeni fires a bolt a few inches higher, the vines shrieking and writhing as the  melt into the ground. As it dies, another vine creature emerges from a bush behind our adventurers, grabbing Gantar and attempting to crush him with a mass of vines. Storm rushes forward, cutting Gantar free as the vine being hisses. Aymer narrows his eyes, waiting for his friends to shift, loosing an arrow that sinks into the creature’s eye. It dies with a hideous shriek.

As the party continues searching the campsite, looking for any sign of where the inhabitants might have been taken. As they search, the flutter of small wings and soft giggling travels on the air…

To be continued tomorrow 🙂


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