Day 64

Prompt: I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming. 
The vent is cramped, sharp metal digging into my shoulders as I wait. Shouldn’t be long now. I’ve been watching him for weeks, learning his pattern, finding the weak points. They’ll never know I was even here. 

Getting into the building was easy, weapons tucked in a prim suitcase while I talked to my coordinator on the phone, reaming him out for the inadequate state of the hotel on my vacation. They never ask questions when you’re angry. I checked in under a pseudonym, the bags, the outfit, the manner all reading expensive business woman. They just didn’t know what business. 

His room was easy to find, a few nights at the hotel bar giving me all the information I needed. Bartenders love to talk about the clients. I scoped the room while he was out, careful to leave no trace. He’s fastidious, that much was apparent from the state of the room. By the end of my visit, I had a plan. 

I wired the client, giving them a timer on payment, and spent the rest of the day sharpening my blades. They want his death to leave an impression. That’s the least I can do. Now I’m just waiting, ready and bored, for him to return from a hard day’s work stealing innocent people’s money. No one is innocent in this game.


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