Day 63

Going rogue again today. I am in the process of creating a new character for a D&D campaign and thought I’d use today’s post to share her backstory.

Her name is Ariza, and she is a 5th level tiefling bard.


Straight oughta Baldur’s Gate, I grew up on the streets. Abandoned at a young age, I learned very quickly that I have to watch my own back. I fell in with a local gang, petty crimes keeping me alive day-to-day. While pickpocketing in the market one day, I saw a small troupe of bards performing. Entranced, I watched them all day. One of the members, Sazael, took me under her wing. She taught me how to play the drums, showing me how the beat and sound could manipulate those around us. Over time, I learned how to influence those around me through music, teasing their emotions, making them see past my physical appearance.
When I turned 16, Sazael gave me my first lute, an instrument I still treasure to this day. With my lute and drum, I set out on the road, learning the lore of each town I stopped in. I spend my days traveling from town to town, weaving tales and charming the locals. I’m always looking for the next story, never staying in one place too long. Someday, I’ll return to Baldur’s Gate and join Sazael’s troupe.


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