Day 59

Yesterday, I wrote more of a reflection piece on where my current creativity is going, but to keep myself honest, I decided to post it anyway.


Lately, I’ve been writing a lot outside of the blog, which is ironically making the blog writing harder. I’ve been so steeped in writing a campaign for D&D that when I go to write my blog, I either think entirely in high fantasy or am drained of almost all my creativity.

Writing the campaign has been a really good exercise for me. It is so different than writing a story since I have limited control over how events play out, so I try to think through all the possible scenarios and how I will adjust the story if X happens instead of Y. I am probably over-planning for the campaign, but it’s a good exercise in improv. DM-ing has really made me want to take an improv class.

If you’re unfamiliar with D&D, it’s a collective story-telling game between the Dungeon Master (DM) and the player characters (PCs). The story is guided by the DM, but the PCs determine the direction by their actions and interactions with the people of the world. I’ve never DM-ed a full campaign before (just scattered sessions here and there), so this is a great exercise for me. It’s also a lot more time-consuming than I thought…

I realized yesterday [Saturday] that I typically spend about 8 hours planning for a 3-hour play session. I’m sure the amount of time will decrease as I get more comfortable with DM-ing, but right now it is a strain on my already-busy weeks. A good exercise, but like anything that is created for others, the stress is something I am slowly adjusting to. I haven’t had deadlines like this since teaching.

Wish me luck!


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